What Does It Mean to Dream of Being Wet by Heavy Rain?

If someone dreams of being drenched in the rain while dreaming, this is a very auspicious omen. It mainly indicates that you will be more prosperous in wealth, and it is easy to get some unexpected gains.

At this time, if you want to buy a lottery ticket, it is very easy to win. You can easily make huge profits if you buy stocks. If you make some investments, it is easy to make money, and the risk is very small.

If you only dreamed of heavy rain and no wind in your dream, this is an ominous omen. It mainly indicates that you will encounter some relatively big difficulties in your work. It is difficult for you to overcome these difficulties by yourself. It may take a long time, and it is difficult for you to get rid of this state.

If in a dream, what you dream of is windy and rainy, and it is a violent storm, this is a very auspicious omen. Explain that the work you are doing is going well and the return on the job is high. Your boss appreciates you very much and will often give you bonuses, and your salary will often be raised, so you are very satisfied with your income.

If the rain encountered in your dream is very heavy, it may be a bad sign. There will always be some difficulties that prevent you from moving on. Many things are difficult for you to grasp or overcome. You need to wait for the opportunity, and sometimes with the help of others, to slowly get out of this state.

If you dreamed that you were drenched in the rain in your dream, indicates that there is some confusion in your life. There are some things you need to choose, but you don't know what is better to choose. This matter brings you a lot of pressure.

Sometimes dreaming of a scene of heavy rain may indicate that your career prospects are not particularly good. There are many obstacles in your work, and the big environment is not conducive to your current career development. And the people around you, there are many villains, they often destroy you, or behind the scenes.

Sometimes dreaming of encountering a storm may indicate that you have some problems in your relationship. Because the storm in the dream state generally represents troubles. It shows that your state of mind is very complicated at this time, and your emotions are also unstable. Although you have many ideas, you don't know which ideas are suitable.

To dream of going forward alone holding an umbrella in the rain is a positive sign. Explain that you will have some new gains in the relationship. A friend of the opposite sex that you met before did not interact very deeply, but as you understand each other, the relationship develops very quickly. This friend of the opposite sex has a very good impression of you and is willing to associate with you.

If you have encountered such a scene in your dreams, you and your lover are holding umbrellas and walking slowly in the rain, this is not a sign that makes people happy. It shows that your thoughts are too different and will eventually break up.