What does it mean to dream of being slapped? | Dream Interpretation

To dream of being slapped in the face indicates that career development is not going well, which is a sign of many villains around you, and those who are entangled with others will feel uneasy and will not live in harmony for a long time. Only by getting this dream and doing things smoothly can you improve in your career. If you have this dream, it will be unfavorable to have this dream. Those who fight with their family members because of money matters will often feel uneasy getting along with each other, and it is difficult to improve their wealth luck. Summer dreams are auspicious, autumn dreams are unlucky.

Dream of a newly married person, it is auspicious to go west, and unlucky to go east, if you have a lot of wealth, you will have smooth things, and it is a sign of easy wealth. There are signs of uneasiness in life, and it is not good for money.

A talented person dreams of a slap, which means that the fortune is quite smooth, and those who get help from others may be a sign of career advancement. There is a sign of good luck in the main career, get along with others sincerely, and have good fortune in wealth.

Dream of a full-time wife, there are many entanglements with others in the recent career, poor handling of worldly affairs, or villains obstructing them, sowing dissension, and telling right and wrong.

An unmarried woman in love dreams of being slapped, which means good luck in her relationship. It's a good omen.

A divorced man dreams of being slapped, indicating that there are many talented people, and there will be success in seeking money.

Family traders dream of being slapped, indicating that there are many family disputes, family relations are not harmonious, there are many struggles with children and grandchildren, and getting along is uneasy.

People who are not in harmony with their families dream of slap, and those with cardiovascular disease and heart disease may improve and recover.

A person engaged in road maintenance, construction and other related industries dreamed of a slap, and went to the northeast to seek wealth, and the fire and earth were born together.