What does it mean to dream of being beaten? Dreaming of your beating interpretations.

What is the sign of dreaming of being beaten?

Dreaming of being beaten by yourself, life will be rich, and there will be auspicious things that will happen to you. Risely recover health. Dreaming of being beaten and bullied by others usually indicates that the dreamer currently encounters uneasiness or hints.

Dreaming of being beaten, and finally killed, all of his pain and disaster will end, will live a very happy day.

Dreaming of being beaten by someone who has nothing to do with him is a bad sign of unlucky and failure.

Dreaming of brothers fighting, there is a decline in intelligence, and your academic performance will be greatly reduced.

Dreaming that he was hit by a lover, or fighting with the lovers, he predicted that love development was smooth, both sentiments were happy, and the feelings were very good.

Dreaming of being beaten and being wronged, good fortune, he did not hesitate when he usually helped others, and got everyone's praise.

Dreaming of being beaten by others for no reason, or being beaten by strangers, indicating that you may encounter bad luck, setbacks and blows. In the near future Essence

Dreaming of being beaten by a group of people, usually the dreamer feels a kind of \ loneliness \ One situation.

Dreaming of being beaten and resisting, representing a positive attitude to face difficulties and pressures and defeat them.

Dreaming of being beaten and desperately running away, implying that unconfident, may succumb to the difficulty and pressure that appeared.

Dreaming that he did not fight back, implying that the dreamer had some problems in interpersonal relationships. Pay attention to the interpersonal relationships around him and be careful.

Men dreamed that they were beaten, and they would make breakthroughs in work or career, but the pressure would be great.

Women dream of being beaten, love will come.

Pregnant people dream of being beaten by themselves, indicating that there are men and beware of abortion.

People who go to school dream of being beaten, which means that the grades are not good and failed to accept.

People who planned to go out dreamed of being beaten by themselves, and suggested leaving the regiment and delaying time to go home slowly.

People who do business dream of being beaten by themselves, representing less loss, Tancheng get along, and do it well.

People in love dream of being beaten, indicating that as long as they trust each other, marriage can be achieved. There is a festive in the fall.

People in this natal year dream of being beaten by themselves, which means that do not be impulsive, but also calmly, be careful to prevent damage.

Dreaming of the original interpretation of the original version of the beating

Dream.Dream people, the Lord is human; dreams of people, subject to failure.\"Dream Lin Xuan\"

was beaten, the main force.\" Ji Dream\"

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