What does it mean to dream of Antarctic?

What do you mean by dreaming of the Antarctica

Antarctica is called the seventh continent, the last continent that has been discovered and the only person to settle in the earth. Dreaming of Antarctica indicates that you are eager to challenge and adventure.

Dreaming of blanking in the Antarctica, indicating that you will develop in a new environment.

Dreaming of wanting to go to the toilet in the Antarctica indicates that you have not built a quilt, you need to get up to go to the toilet.

Dreaming of Antarctic walking alone, indicating that you will have a difficult period, and there will be surprises after surviving.

Dreaming of wrestling in Antarctica indicates that you may have a small person to make you stumbling, or you will send a stamp of injustice.

Dreaming of snowflakes in the Antarctic and dark roads, indicating that what you are about to do will not go smoothly, face obstacles and difficulties, or have unfortunate birth.

Dreaming of moving along the footprint in the Antarctica, indicating that you follow a successful person and succeed in success, or are organizing the great achievements of great men.

Dreaming of traveling to the Antarctica, indicating that your recent fortunes are average, have unrealistic ideas for the prospects, and therefore can't restrain it. Although impulsive good chance.

Patients dream of Antarctica, which is auspicious meaning, and your illness will be cured in the future.

Donkey friends dreamed of Antarctica and would reach your destination safely all the way, giving you a pleasant holiday.

Men dream of Antarctica, indicating that you are over 100 years old, and your body is still strong.

The staff dreamed of Antarctica, which means that you will make a big deal in your post and get the reuse of your boss.

Unmarried women dream of Antarctica, and they will marry a powerful and excellent man as husband. The two are sweet and good, and work together.

The businessmen dream of the Antarctica, and they will create a brilliant great cause. The business is booming and the financial resources are rolling.

Dreaming of frozen Antarctic in the ice and snow, indicating that you have to pay more attention to rest. Any restrictions start with your own heart.

The staff dreamed of frozen the Antarctic in the ice and snow, indicating that you have a bad fortune in the near future. You must wait for the opportunity to show your fists.

Students dream of frozen Antarctic in the ice and snow, which indicates that your recent academic performance is average. It is recommended that you do n’t discouravant, and continue to work hard to usher in success.

The pregnant person dreamed of the Antarctic, indicating that there was a man, a daughter in August, beware of blame, uneasy.

People in love dreamed of Antarctica, indicating that there must be results in grasping the opportunity to proposes the time, and marriage can be achieved.

People of this Nighty Year dream of southExtremely, it means that you are not interested, and you have courage to prevent officials.

What are the signs of dreaming of Antarctica?