What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Enemy?-Dreams Interpretation Online

To dream of an enemy predicts that you will achieve success, difficulties will pass, and good fortune will come in the future, which is worth looking forward to. The good or bad relationship between you and your fellow enemy in your dream predicts the success or failure of things in your real life and the gain or loss of wealth.

To dream of a conflict with an enemy is a symbol of the dissipation of wealth, which means you will suffer losses. Therefore, you should pay careful attention to the business world recently.

To dream of an enemy is a sign that you will achieve success, difficulties will pass and good luck will come in the future, which is worth looking forward to.

To dream of making friends with your enemies implies that you will make up with your enemies and in real life, because of your generosity you will make many friends who can help you to achieve success.

To dream of receiving news of the death of an enemy, it predicts that you will have forgiving but faithful and reliable friends.

A businessman dreaming of an enemy foretells that you will be able to defeat your rivals to occupy the market.

A businessman dreaming of seeing his enemy attacking him means you will encounter pitfalls in the business world, so be cautious with your recent investment projects and do not take any chances.

A woman dreaming of her enemy (love rival) means that she will be doubly loved by her husband in life.

To dream of a sad enemy is a good omen for you, meaning you can subdue your enemy, and if you are in a lawsuit in real life, this is a symbol that the lawsuit will be won.

To dream of an enemy taking a bath is a sign that you will be cheated.

To dream of giving your enemy a pulse, you will get help from your friends in times of crisis.

Dreaming of an enemy crying foretells that soon you are a person with a strong desire for control and success, a very good opportunity for development will not let go, easy to take the wrong path, remember the need to control the excited mind, handle things with care not to go too far.

Dreaming of a quarrel with an enemy means that you will suffer certain financial losses, and you must pay more attention in real life.

Dreaming of losing a fight to an enemy means that your business and work will suffer many difficulties and you will not be able to get rid of them in the future.