What does it mean to dream of adding a son? | Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of adding a son means that if you get this dream, you can get help from others in your career. If you have this dream, there are many villains around you, and there are many disadvantages in getting along with others because of mutual suspicion because of money. Dreaming in winter is auspicious, but dreaming in autumn is unlucky.

Dream of a full-time wife, it is auspicious to go east, unlucky to go west, to seek wealth in the southwest, and you can get unexpected gains in career, but to go northeast, you will have a lot of troubles with others because of small things If there are too many, it is difficult for the business to go smoothly.

A divorced man dreams of adding a son, which means that the wealth luck is difficult to improve, there are many villains around him, and the career development is hindered. The main business is often hindered by others, and those who seek money should not make their own decisions.

The dream of an official seeker, there are many entanglements with others in the main career, and discord with each other, depression in the heart, and it comes out in dreams.

A married man dreams of adding a son, which means that he will have a lot of luck, a smooth relationship, and he will be in harmony with his beloved and get along well.

A greedy person dreams of adding a son, life is not going well, there are many disputes with others, both have troubles with each other, and career development is difficult to last.

A person with a delicate mind dreams of adding a son, which means that he can take care of himself for the rest of his life.

A person seeking an official dreamed of adding a son, which means that your recent physical condition is not good, and your emotions are serious, so you are prone to lose your temper with your lover or family members, such as those who are emotionally unstable This dream is a sign that you will break up with your lover in the near future.

Those who are engaged in leather bags, container manufacturing and other related industries dream of adding a son, it is auspicious to go west, and unlucky to go east, fortune is rare, career is uneasy, and relationships are often shaky.