What does it mean to dream of a witness? Dream Interpretation by Duke of Zhou

What does it mean to dream of a witness? Is it okay to dream about being a witness? Dreaming of witnesses has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming witnesses organized by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Dreaming that you testify against others, symbolizes that you are exhausted and complaining endlessly in order to deal with many trivial things in life.

If you dream of others testifying against you, it means that you have flatly rejected your friend's request for assistance in order to prevent damage and protect your own interests.

To dream that you are a witness to a criminal, foretells that you will be implicated by inadvertent involvement in a dishonorable event.

To dream that you are testifying in court indicates that a friend of the dreamer will be in trouble and needs help from the dreamer;

Dreaming of others testifying for yourself in court means that the dreamer will be in trouble and need help from others to protect his reputation.

A 30-year-old man said: "I never went to court when I was a child. But in my dreams I dreamed that I was in court once. One of my colleagues was in trouble and he asked me to He testified in court. In court, I testified truthfully." Later, the man really had a friend who was in trouble and hoped to get help from the dreamer.

The testimony in the dream is a symbol of mutual help.

Seeing a witness in a dream means that the dreamer's life will be changed because of one event.

Dreaming that you are a witness means that you have done a lot of things you were not willing to do because of many trivial things in your life.

To dream that witnesses oppose you indicates that you have keen observation skills in dealing with things, and you can find out hidden dangers in time to avoid your own losses.

A woman dreams that she is a witness in court, indicating that you refuse the assistance of friends in order to prevent damage to your own interests.

Dreaming about witnesses testifying for criminals means that you are involved in a bad thing unintentionally, and you will be in a lot of trouble because of being implicated.

Dreaming that witnesses leave indicates that you are in a lot of trouble, and although you want to get out, you are unwilling to accept help from others.

A case study of a dream witness

Dream description: I have never been in court since I was a child. But in my dream I dreamed that I entered a court. A colleague of mine was in trouble and asked me to testify for him. In court, I testified truthfully.

Dream analysis: You have friends who will be in trouble.Hope to get your help.