What does it mean to dream of a window? Dreaming of the window interpretations.

What is the sign of dreaming of the window

The window is not only used to see the outside scenery, to a large extent, it determines the quality of life. Dreaming of windows also symbolizes the connection with the external world, reflecting the state of externally interacting. Dreaming of opening the window symbolizes new ideas and new information.

Men dreamed of the window, and sometimes implied sexual desire. At this time, the window is a symbol of female sex organs.

When a man dreams of pushing in the window, it means his desire for sex.

Dreaming that a robber broke in from the window, it means that you have a very strong sexual impulse, but you have to be prevented by reason and morality in your life.

Women dream of opening the window, and may also indicate the urge to have sex in the subconscious. If you push the window to see the charming starry sky, it means that love is only an idealistic longing, and you have no courage to experience it in person.

Dreaming of closing the windows, reminding you that you must have a proper and restraint, do not act, then everything, otherwise, if there is no restraint, you will suffer the consequences of being alone and lose the ground.

Dreaming that the window is broken, indicating that you will fall into a strange circle that always doubt whether the one you love is loyal.

Dreaming of sitting by the window, indicating that your stupid behavior will make you eat it.

Dreaming of escaping through the window indicates that you will fall into great troubles due to the entanglement of the hard -to -get rid of the hard work of lifeline.

Dreaming of entering a house from the window means that when you exhaust your mind to achieve a grand or unspeakable purpose through improper means, your behavior will also be revealed.

Dreaming of strange objects in the window, indicating that you will suffer the failure of the second career, as if others have changed their views on you, this makes you depressed, and the health of your body is not guaranteed.

Dreaming of strong wind blowing the window, this is a sign of a friend from a distance, maybe your friend of your childhood bamboo horse suddenly visited, maybe the good classmates who had a good business trip to your city before. In short, their arrival will give you Bring a good memory. Be sure to do your best. The breeze slowly fell in the spring breeze, and the field was put on a green outfit. The wind expressed luck in the dream.

Dreaming of many windows on the house indicates that your recent work fortune is average, and you are not careful enough to make mistakes in work. There will be shadows in money. Do not bring a lot of money when you go out.

Men dreamed that there are many windows of the house, indicating that your recent fortunes are not bad. Many things are smooth sailing, both fame and fortune, and you must not forget the shape, otherwise it will fail.

A woman dreams of many windows on the house, indicating that you will go out in the distance recently, the luck on the way is good, I believe there is a goodreward.

Dreaming of repairing windows to make up for the window is auspicious, and dreams will come true.

Dreaming that the window is broken, indicating that your recent fortune feels good, maybe you will find unexpected wealth, and your mood will become very good.

Women dream of the window that is broken, indicating that you have always encountered difficulties in the near future, and unsatisfactory things happen. Be careful to solve it. If necessary, you can seek the help of others to find a solution.

Men dreamed that the window was broken, indicating that you don't know much about some of yourself in the near future. He is always very confused in his heart. He lost his sense of direction and has no way to see the truth. Unwilling to face reality, depending on the idea of \u200b\u200bavoiding the problem.

Dreaming that the window closing the window during the day cannot be closed, indicating that you will have good things, and people are rich recently.

Dreaming that the window closing the window at night cannot be closed, implying that you have not been smooth recently, you have to talk, but don't worry, as long as you control your emotions, you can not.

The businessman dreams of closing windows, reminding you that you should strengthen your awareness of wealth. In terms of investment, you need to increase the sensitivity of the market. After investigation, you must be stable, accurate and ruthless.

Dreaming of opening the window and seeing it, there is a high -rise building in front of it, and 90 % of the things that were successfully grasped will have a failure due to an obstacle, and the plan will eventually fail. If you are about to take the entrance examination or the company If you make this dream, you will fall into the list with some slight differences.

Dreaming of the sunlight from the windows, indicating that your recent life is happy, and there will be many opportunities in your career.

Women dream of the sunlight from the window, indicating that your recent fortunes are very good, and the husband and wife are very happy. I believe that they will gain harvest.

Men dream of the sunlight from the window, indicating that your recent working status is average. I always feel that I want to do less and less at work. The atmosphere of interpersonal communication is active. experience of.

Dreaming that the robbers broke in from the window, indicating that your recent fortunes are not very good. Maybe there will be unpleasant things that will happen. Remember to pay more attention.

A woman dreams that the robber breaks into the window, indicating that your recent emotions feel a little depressed, and you will be upset. Remember to calm down. Do not take the initiative to attack. It is better to do things.

Men dreamed that the robbers broke into the window, indicating that your recent friends have been lucky. Friends have visited one after another. Impression, maybe with a good connection, there will be a new starting point that will be unexpected in career.

Dreaming of breaking the glass window, indicating that you have lived in your life very happy and comfortable in the near future, depending on you without worrying about life.

Women dream of fightingBroken glass windows indicates that you have the opportunity to travel in the near future, and often encounter difficulties on the way. There is no big deal.

Men dream of breaking the glass window, which indicates that you remember the hints that others have given to themselves in the near future. Maybe you can find clues from the relevant situation. Remedy.

The pregnant person dreamed of the window, indicating that there was a man, a female in April, and beware of abortion.

People who do business dream of the window, representing the smooth, Ruyi, and not expanding investment.

People in love dream of the window, indicating that if the tongue can be resolved and trusts each other.

People in this year of life dream of the window, which means that they work more about family affairs, lose their property, or have a disaster or lawsuit.

Dreaming of the original version of Zhou Gong interpretation of the window

The dream window see the moon shadow flower light, the Lord has a happy event. \"Secretary of Dreams\"

Before the window of Dream Cao. The scholar dream, the sign of the main article reached the sign. \"Secretary of Dreams

What is the meaning of dreaming of a window?