What does it mean to dream of a store? Dreaming of the store interpretations.

What do you mean by dreaming about the store

The store refers to the place where the goods or services are sold, and there are retail and wholesale. Dreaming of the store indicates that your fortune is good recently. You will have good luck and you can do what you want to do.

Men dream of opening a store, indicating that you may be busy with trivial things in the near future, and the possibility of being instructed by others to do things. Seeing, there will be different gains.

Women dream of opening a store, indicating that you have a good emotion in the near future, and always feel that you return to a certain stage of the past, and your attitude towards people is more enthusiastic than ever.

A single person dreams of opening a store, indicating that your love fortune is not ideal in the near future, and you have a good development in your career. Remember to put the center on your own career.

Workers dream of opening a store, indicating that your fortune is not very good in the near future. The anger of your competitors has been talked about. Be careful.

The businessman dreams of opening a store, indicating that you have been going well in business in the near future, and many things will be paid as expected. Remember to grasp it.

Patients dream of opening a store, indicating that your physical condition is getting better and better recently, your body slowly heals, and then remember to pay more attention to your health.

Dreaming of a craft shop, as if love, it will be very full with its life, but it will not live without life.

Dreaming of shopping in a craft shop indicates that you will have peach blossoms.

Dreaming of the stolen of the shop's things, indicating that the interpersonal relationship is not good, it will be disgusted by friends. It is recommended that you try to learn humility as much as possible, and the fortune will naturally improve.

The young people dream of being stolen from the shop, indicating that the fortune is pretty good. There will be noble people around them, but do not hesitate. Usually, you can find more family members to discuss.

The author of the cultural and vocational workers dreamed that the shop was stolen, indicating that the state of work gradually improved. The projects that have always been done are expected to achieve small results, and they can gradually resume self -confidence and re -establish their goals.

The single person dreaming that the shop was stolen, indicating that the mood of wanting to fall in love in the near future is very urgent. I hope that they can inadvertently meet people, but don't worry, I believe that with their own efforts coming soon.

Sports workers dream of being stolen from the store, indicating that health will feel uncomfortable, especially the stomach, usually pay more attention to the digestive system, and there will be a tendency to have imagination in terms of spirit. It is recommended Don't make too much pressure on yourself.

Job seekers dream of being stolen from the shop, indicating that job hunting is general, groups or friendsThe recommendation will have a good effect, but your confidence is not enough. It is easy to drop the chain on the spot. It is very important to strengthen your self -confidence.

Students dream of being stolen from the shop, indicating that the test results are very good, there will be good progress, but they cannot be proud, and they need to continue their own efforts.

Dreaming of a shop with a variety of products means that your career will achieve prosperity and progress in all aspects.

Dreaming of your own store's fire, indicating that you will update your business and enjoy happiness in the future.

Dreaming of shopping in a department store, indicating that the source of many happiness will come from various benefits.

Dreaming of selling goods in a store, indicating that with the help of friends and your own efforts, you will get great progress.

Dreaming of a shop with very little goods shows that all the efforts you have paid before will be put into east, leaving only helpless and endless quarrels.

Dreaming that there are pickpockets in the store, indicating that there are villains in your career, such as the partner produces evil thoughts and suffer your career Recent behaviors, otherwise they will break their wealth.

Dreaming that you sell a woman's unclean gray cotton glove to a woman in the store, which means that you like to make speculative judgments on women but put yourself on the cusp. For women, this dream indicates that she will fell in love with a white horse prince, but she cannot get the corresponding return of the other party.

Dreaming of a perfume shop will establish friendship with the upper people, not only getting rich by themselves, but also the benefits of relatives and friends.

Dreaming of shopping in a fashion store implies that you have a shadow in love.

A woman dreams of a jewelry shop, which is a sign, and new jewelry is added.

Dreaming of being sitting in the shop, representing business bankruptcy.

The patient dreamed of going to the mall, implying that the illness would heal soon.

Dreaming of the store on fire, Da Ji, business will be very popular.

Dreaming of the store on fire, watching the fire, indicating that you will have a sprint in your work and career, and get a lot of gains from it.

Men dream of the store on fire, indicating that career and family can enjoy a rich life with the help of noble people.

The businessman dreamed that the shop was on fire, saying that there were many channels that could get unexpected income, and accumulated a good income.

Entrepreneurs dreamed that the store was on fire, and the fortune had rebounded, but the income was difficult to rise for a while. Be careful to save and not be paralyzed and waste.

Entrepreneurs dreamed that the store was on fire, the fortune rose, and the costs of large and small are together, which is also a veryA considerable number, career will bring you small benefits.

The migrant workers dream of the store on fire, which represents most of the work to assist sexual work. It is more dependent on others. Whether it is voluntary or forced, it often requires the help of others to achieve things.

Pregnant people dream of a shop, indicating that there are daughters. Winter Zhan Men.

People in love dreamed of the shop, indicating that after many tests, they were expected to get married.

People who do business dream of shops and represent smooth operations. At first, there were obstacles, and then wealth was great.

The people of this year of life dream of the shop, which means that the ancestors of the family are uneasy, and everything is unsatisfactory and should be cautious.

Dreaming of the original Zhou Gong interpretation of the shop

Dreaming opens the store. The main career has become strong and joyful. \"Secretary of Dreams\"

Dream Hall opened a shop. The main chest is greedy, and the speed is to avoid evil. \"Secretary of Dream Broken\"

Open the shop in the dream hall. This dream is good and fierce. The shop is in the street, but suddenly dreams of opening it under the hall, the main chest is greedy. \"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

Menggui sitting in the shop. The literati samurai got this dream, and the Lord had wealth; Jia Meng, a agricultural businessman, will meet the nobles; the people of the somewhere are dreaming, get the good luck; This will meet the guests. \"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

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