What does it mean to dream of a reservoir? Dreaming of the reservoir interpretations.

What is the sign of dreaming about the reservoir

The reservoir is one of the engineering measures adopted by flood control, and achieves the purpose of reducing the disaster of floods. Dreaming of the reservoir means a solid barrier that prevent the disaster from coming, and it is often symbolized by the help of people, the financial resources are wide, and the career is prosperous.

Dreaming of the reservoir dam means emotional depression. The dreamer may feel crying, but tolerate tears.

Dreaming of drainage outward in the reservoir indicates that you have the opportunity to become an important department or the person in charge of the unit.

Dreaming of a dry reservoir reminds you to pay attention to your health, add more rest, and you may get sick.

Dreaming of the dyke of the reservoir, implying that you are careful to lose your self -control, there may be a big explosion of emotion.

Dreaming of the reservoir is irrigation, indicating that there will be some unexpected new opportunities in your life.

Dreaming of putting water in the reservoir is not a good thing. It is an embodiment of economic distress and stretched, expressing the desire you need more input.

Dreaming of the overflowing reservoir indicates that you will achieve satisfactory results in economical or career, especially economically, with high income.

Dreaming of diving in the reservoir, for men, expressed strong body. Women do such a dream, they say they may be pregnant.

Dreaming of a reservoir, heralding the reputation.

Men dream of reservoir, which means that the dreamer will be very rich in the future and have a good fortune.

A woman dreams of the reservoir, which means that the husband and wife live a happy life, and the old age is old.

Married men and women dream of the reservoir, saying that life is rich and family happiness.

Unmarried men and women dreamed of the reservoir, saying that marriage is like a good intention. Men will marry dignified and beautiful wives, and women will marry rich husbands.

The businessmen dreamed of the reservoir, indicating that the financial resources were widely advanced, and the business reported frequently.

If a man in love dives in the reservoir, if he dreamed of diving in the reservoir, he indicates that the future life of the two will be very happy.

The pregnant woman dreamed of the reservoir, indicating that the husband and wife lived happily, and they were old. Your wish can also be achieved.

The people of this year of life dream of the reservoir, which means that the three -year luck has passed, and it will gradually enter the good luck and have a financial source.

People in love dreamed of reservoir, showing that respecting each other, modesty and courteous, marriage is expected.

The pregnant person dreamed of the reservoir, indicating that there were men, be careful of water and fire, and not to moving soil and tire gas.

People who do business dream of the reservoir, which means that they are not smooth at the beginning of the year, and they will make money smoothly after autumn and winter.

Those who travel dreamed of the reservoir, it is recommended to have wind and delay again.

Dreaming of the reservoirPsychological interpretation of psychology

Dreaming of the reservoir may represent a variety of different meanings.You may be storage of feelings and desires, trying to prevent yourself from pouring your feelings for others.If you build a dam in your dream, it is a protective embankment in the building for self -defense.If you dream of the dams of the dam, it is reminded that you are worried that you cannot control your feelings for a long time.

What are the indications of dreaming of the reservoir?