What Does It Mean to Dream of A Pistol?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of a gun: indicates that you will encounter setbacks or suffer losses recently, which is an ominous omen.

Dreaming of killing someone with a pistol: you will lose love.

The businessman dreamed of throwing away the pistol: business would be prosperous.

To dream that I was hit by a hand: held bullet: I will get married soon, or attend a family's wedding.

To dream of buying a pistol: indicates that the position will be promoted.

To dream of selling pistols: you will lose a lot of money.

To dream of doing a pistol business: will be valued by the leaders of the country and get an honorary title.

To dream of snatching someone else’s pistol: meeting bandits.

To dream of loading bullets into a pistol: when you are in danger, you will get help from a friend.

To dream of getting a pistol: will be respected.

To dream of giving someone a pistol: will cause a big disaster.

Dreaming of stealing a pistol: your income will decrease.

To dream that the pistol is missing: indicates that when you encounter difficulties, your family will help you.

Dreaming of shooting a gun: there will be misfortune.

To dream of a gun barrel bursting means that in extraordinary times, friends and trusted people will also deceive you.

Dream interpretation: The gun is a murder weapon, symbolizing the misfortune in the world.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of shooting a gun indicates that unfortunate things will happen. This is due to the fact that you do not think about things, so you should think carefully about everything. To dream of someone shooting yourself but not being injured means that you will be charged with a crime, but you will eventually be exempt from criminal punishment.