What does it mean to dream of a nun? Dreaming of Nun's interpretations.

What do you mean by dreaming about Nun's aunt

Nuning is a female church in Buddhism. Buddhism is also known as \ Ni \ . Dreaming of a nun, saying that there will be a misfortune, there may be disasters, and you must act carefully.

The girl dreamed that the aunt called you to be a monk was auspicious, and the learning would go to the next level.

The man dreamed that the nun called you to become a monk, indicating that he might derail and disagree with his wife.

A woman dreams of a nun to call you a monk, indicating that physical discomfort may have health problems.

A woman dreamed of talking to a aunt, and the husband's family could live in harmony and live a happy life.

Girls dream of arguing with the nun, it is a omen, and their loved ones will be humiliated.

Dreaming of a monk in Nuning, which represents losses or was deceived.

Dreaming of interacting with a nun said that he would lose a lot of money and lose a lot of money, which may cause life to fall into a dilemma.

Dreaming that Nun was looking at the scriptures, saying that the recent mood was very annoying, and you need some appropriate entertainment life to improve your current mood.

Men dreamed that nuns were fierce, indicating that there would be countless disasters. It may have problems such as career, fortune, health, and emotion.

A woman dreamed that she would quarrel with her family. Family disputes may occur, and the family will be sad.

The patient dreamed of a nun, indicating that your condition may be more complicated. Ordinary treatment methods will have no effect and need to strengthen treatment.

The businessman dreamed of a nun, indicating that your business will have problems. You may need a lot of money to make up for this error and will affect the business.

The staff dreamed that the auntie, indicating that you may not be able to do things in the company, and often fail to do things. There is no future development and rising space. It is recommended to switch career.

Lovers dream of a nun, implying that love will develop rapidly. Maybe it will develop from talking about heaven in the coffee shop to hold hands, and then from kissing and developing to eating forbidden fruit \ hellip; \ hellip; In short, your current state of love will indeed change.

People who do business dream of a nun, representing unfavorable operations, undulating, failed to do so, and a lot of money.

The people of this year dream of a nun, which means smooth, and let it go in the past and take a step again.

People in love dreamed of a nun, explaining that sexuality was difficult to accommodate, and tolerate marriage could be achieved.

The pregnant person dreamed of a nun, indicating that there was a man, the autumn is born with a woman, and the mother and child are safe.

Dreaming of the original version of the nun's interpretation

Seeing a nun, the male lead is great. \"\" \"\" interpreted \"

The man turned into a nun, fierce.\" 's Dream Interpretation\"

Paying with a nun, the Lord lost money.\" Dream Interpretation\"

Talk to Nun, the female lead.\" Dream Interpretation\"

The monk's aunt watched the scriptures, Ji.\" Dream Interpretation\"

Dreaming of Ni, what he did.\"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Dreaming of the psychological interpretation of Nun's psychology

Bhikkhuni refers to a woman who enters the Buddha and holds foot ring.One of the five people and seven people.The nuns in the dream are a category of special crowds. They have no desire, and they have nothing.Therefore, nuns represent poverty in their dreams.China's first bhikkhuni was a net inspection.In the first year of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (357 years), he suffered a sufficient ring and officially became a bhikkhuni.

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