What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Morgue?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of a hospital morgue indicates that you have a strong learning ability in the near future. Learning from books and working experience learned from others will make you very useful and make you take the initiative to change your old thoughts.

To dream of seeing a lot of corpses in the morgue indicates that you will have a lot of sorrows and worries in the near future without knowing it. It will catch you by surprise. It is recommended that you be mentally prepared.

To dream of entering a morgue to find someone means that you will hear the death of a friend or relative, which shocks you.

The corpse in the morgue in the dream represents a part of your own character that has died out or his relationship with someone has broken.

Dream description and expert interpretation:

Dreamland: At first, the dream thought that she and her boyfriend were taking care of patients in the ward (seems to be very good people who didn’t know each other). After a long time, a nurse suddenly despised herself and said that everyone had been dead for a long time. The picture flashed to the morgue. Disgusting water was flowing on the walls. There were three corpses in front of the morgue. I had been wiping off one of them, rubbing my body, and covering the quilt (I thought I was always taking care of the sick). Watching from the side. It was cold in the morgue, and I felt so scared. Don't know what this dream means?

Expert Dream Interpretation: From a spiritual perspective, the morgue in the dream can indicate a new beginning under certain circumstances. In this dream, I saw several corpses. The dream chose one for you. You wipe them. Through this process, you can see how your boyfriend treats you. In your heart, you think your boyfriend doesn't care enough about you. Through this dream, you think that you love your boyfriend very much, but you like to test your boyfriend, which is not conducive to your relationship development.