What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Mirror?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of a mirror means looking at yourself and exploring the meaning of your heart.

The patient dreamed of getting a mirror, his condition will deteriorate, so pay more attention.

To dream of wiping the mirror indicates a prosperous career.

To dream of picking up a mirror indicates that you will find a good-looking partner.

Dreaming of getting someone else’s mirror indicates that your child is smart and has a high IQ.

Dreaming of buying a mirror indicates that your fortune soon is very good and your life is very happy, which makes others very envious.

Dreaming of a bright mirror means that your heart is clean and clear.

Dreaming of a dim mirror indicates that you may be in trouble.

Dreaming of dust falling on the mirror reminds you to organize your thoughts and sort out the situation.

A man dreams of looking in the mirror, which implies that he might make unreliable friends.

A married woman dreams of a mirror: indicates that her husband is a little dissatisfied with herself, that she might cheat and fall in love with others.

Dreaming that you look in the mirror and make-up means that you have a desire to fall in love and that you may be pursuing the opposite sex.

To dream that you are looking in the mirror desperately means that you are trying to know who you are and that you have questions such as who is "I" in your heart.

To dream of getting a mirror indicates that you will succeed.

Dreaming that the image in the mirror is blurry indicates that you may encounter obstacles and troubles in life or love.

To dream of yourself in the mirror is horribly distorted and ugly, which implies that the dreamer will get sick or suffer mentally.

Dreaming of yourself breaking the mirror symbolizes separation or something that will be annoying soon, or it may symbolize that you dare not face yourself.

Dreaming that the mirror in your hand fell to the ground and shattered, also indicates that you will encounter disaster.

A man dreams of a broken mirror: indicates that something bad has happened to your family soon, perhaps because the family was infected with a cold when they were out.

A woman dreams that the mirror is broken, indicating that if you are traveling alone soon, it is recommended not to go.

A businessman dreams of a broken mirror, which indicates that you haven't negotiated a profitable business recently, and your income has declined.

The old man dreamed that the mirror was broken, indicating that you are very happy recently because your son will come back to accompany him.

The person who is in love dreams that the mirror is broken, which indicates that the relationship between you and your lover is not good recently, and quarrels often occur because of some things.

The prisoner dreamed that the mirror was broken, indicating that you will be in trouble recently.

Unmarried men and women dream of broken mirrors, indicating that your recent relationship is difficult to bear fruit.

The patient dreamed that the mirror was broken, indicating that your illness will get worse soon, and you must be psychologically prepared.

Dreaming that the mirror was broken by others indicates that your wife will be in danger recently. It is recommended that you care about your wife more recently.