What does it mean to dream of a lot of river water? Dreaming of the large interpretrations.

What is the meaning of dreaming of a big river water

Dreaming of the river symbolizes the endless life of the rivers. Dreaming of a lot of water, I said that I want to let go of my mind a lot to know new friends.

Dreaming that the river in my hometown is very good fortune, and I will meet the nobles when I go out, so it is very surprised.

Dreaming of the river water is very clear, the fortune is very good, and the difficult days will soon pass, and through your own efforts, you will go through the difficulties smoothly.

Dreaming of the river water is very turbid, good fortune, his income is very good, and life is very comfortable.

Dreaming of the dry water, indicating that your fortune is very good in the near future. When you are in crisis, some friends will help yourself.

Dreaming of the rush of the river, indicating that your fortune is very good in the near future, and someone you want will be given to yourself.

Dreaming of the river clear and shining in the sun, indicating that it is rich in economy and likes amusement.

Dreaming of the turbid and dim rivers, indicating that there may be uncomfortable friends around, friendship has shadows, and love is worried.

Dreaming that there is a waterfall on the river, it indicates that your wish will be realized, work smoothly, learn progress, and life is happy.

Men dreamed that the river was very big and bad, and there were bad things around them. On the one hand, be careful of the disaster of a woman, and on the other hand, there were subordinates' fragmentation.

A woman dreams of a large river water, indicating that the far door is expected, but it is feasible, but to prevent hindrance.

Travelers dreamed that the river water was very large and poor. The recent weather is not very good. It is not suitable for traveling far away.

A single person dreamed that the river was very large and good fortune. Someone introduced himself to himself. He did not expect that he would fall in love at first sight.

Young people dream that the river is very large and can be safe.

Middle -aged people dream of a lot of rivers, reminding that they must be careful of damage or bloody disasters when going out.

The patient dreamed that the river was very large, then the recent fortune: auspicious and happy, but there are happy events, but to prevent disputes from women.

The pregnant woman dreamed that the river was a great auspicious sign, suggesting that her husband would make a fortune or future children who would be well -being, don't worry.

Pregnant people dream of a lot of water, indicating that there are men.

People who planned to go out dream of the river, and it is recommended that they will stop and delay.

People who do business dream of a lot of rivers, representing smooth operations, making money and benefiting, but just slower progress.

People in love dreamed that the river was very large, indicating that loved ones have opinions, not discouraged, and eventually hope to marry.

The person who prepared the exam dreamed that the river was very large, which means that there is a science scienceSlightly worse, the rest is very good, can be admitted.

People of this year of life dream of a large river, which means that they are careful about car accidents and bloody disasters, and they are unfavorable in autumn.

What is the sign of dreaming about the river water?