What does it mean to dream of a girlfriend with a swollen face? | Dream Interpretation

To dream that your girlfriend’s face is swollen, this dream indicates that there are many entanglements with others in the main business, and it is difficult to improve each other’s financial luck, and you are often entangled by others when seeking money, and there are signs of unfavorable life, and it is a sign that the fortune is difficult to improve. If you have this dream, don’t force money matters, and those who have entanglements with others will be very uneasy to get along with. Summer dreams are auspicious, winter dreams are unlucky.

If the family relationship is not harmonious, it is auspicious to go west, and unlucky to go east. People who are meticulous and focused on doing things are a sign of good luck and rich money. If you treat each other with sincerity, your career will last for a long time, which is mostly a good omen.

A married person dreams that his best friend has a swollen face, which means that his fortune is quite smooth, and a person who is good at communication will be promoted by his elders, which is a sign of a lot of wealth. Killing a decisive person means a prosperous career. Those who seek money should not quarrel too much with others, and they will feel uneasy in life.

Dream of a married man indicates that he can get help from others in his career, and if he treats each other sincerely, his life will be peaceful and happy.

A man who is broken in love dreams that his girlfriend's face is swollen, but all emotional matters are left to chance, so don't have unrealistic ideas.

Middle-aged women dream of boudoir friends with swollen faces, which indicates that there are many signs of good luck in life.

A full-time wife dreams that her best friend has a swollen face, which means that she is in good health, there are many harmonious things in the family, her life is smooth, and her children are virtuous.

Official applicants dream of boudoir friends with swollen faces, healthy body, virtuous descendants, get along with family members sincerely, those with kidney tuberculosis may get signs of improvement.

Those who are engaged in processing planting, agricultural product manufacturing and other related industries dream of girlfriends with swollen faces, it is auspicious to go south. How difficult it is to go well, life has disadvantages.