What does it mean to dream of a dragon's head? | Dream Interpretation

To dream of the head of a dragon means to get this dream, which means that there are many peach blossoms in your career, and you will get help from the opposite sex, peaches and plums will be fragrant, and your fortune will be smooth. If you have this dream, getting this dream is a sign that there are many villains around you, and you have entanglements with others, and it is difficult to improve your fortune. Summer dreams are auspicious, winter dreams are unlucky.

Dream of a remarried person, it is auspicious to go south, and it is a sign of easy wealth. Those with a harmonious personality can negotiate smoothly with others, and are often promoted by nobles.

Recently, a disputer in the family dreamed of the head of a dragon. This dream means that there is flow of wealth. People who stick to their hearts have a heart to do more in their careers and live a happy life. good omen. It is because there are many positive entanglements with others in the career, and those who are troubled by money will hardly improve their wealth luck.

Women's dream of being unmarried in love, you can get the trust of others in the career of the dream owner, and only those who cooperate with others can benefit from making money.

A newly married woman dreams of a dragon's head, which means good luck in her relationship. Treat others sincerely, get along with each other emotionally and attentively, and there are many signs of good luck in life.

A divorced man dreams of a dragon's head, life is not going well, and those who have entanglements with their children and grandchildren are a sign that the fortune is not going well. improve.

Newly married people dream of the head of a dragon, there are many troubles at home recently, and those who have quarrels with their children and grandchildren are signs of life becoming more unsatisfactory.

A person who has troubles recently dreamed of a dragon's head indicates that his physical condition is not good. Doing good has the meaning of good luck.

Those engaged in journalists, media and other related industries dream of the head of a dragon, and go to the northeast to seek money, with unlimited creativity, strong fortune, and those who are full of ideas often have guidance from noble people.