What Does It Mean to Dream of a Dragon?-Dreams Interpretation Online

On the whole, dreaming about the dragon is a very auspicious dream. The dragon is a symbol of dignity and a sign of better luck. Of course, if it is a special situation, dreaming about the dragon may also be a symbol of greed and impulse.

A person with bad luck dreams of a dragon: It indicates that the recent fortune will have a major reversal. Maybe you are currently in a downturn and everything is not going well. This makes you very annoyed. Then congratulations, your fortune will be welcomed. In a major reversal, problems that have not been resolved before will be resolved immediately, and all things will proceed smoothly, and things that are usually worried about will also be resolved.

A business person dreams of a dragon: it indicates that business is booming. If the company has always had some problems, then your problem may be solved immediately, but it is recommended that you must stabilize your mind and not be too greedy and impulsive. Otherwise, you will likely be framed by a hypocrite and you will suffer a loss.

The person who is in love dreams of the dragon: It indicates that you may be more impulsive recently, and you may quarrel with your lover. Maybe your mood has been impetuous recently, and you have no patience for anything, so this situation can be caused. It is recommended that you have to calm your emotions, think more when encountering things, and think more about the other person, to avoid breaking up.

The tourist dreams of the dragon: It indicates that you may encounter difficulties during the journey, but in the end, you can enjoy the tour happily because of the help of others.

A pregnant person dreams of a dragon: It indicates that the baby is very healthy and suitable for leadership development in the future.

The person taking the exam dreams of the dragon: It indicates that the exam results are unexpectedly good.

A man dreams of a dragon: It indicates that marriage will be put on the agenda. A man without a partner may meet his favorite half, and a man who is broken in love will quickly get out of the pain of broken love and meet a new relationship.

A woman dreams of a dragon: It indicates that the popularity of women is good recently, especially for women in the workplace. It is recommended to take this opportunity to work hard to improve interpersonal relationships, which will be of great help in the future.