What does it mean to dream of a dragon? Dreaming of a dragon interpretations.

What does it mean to dream of a dragon?

Dragon is a symbol of Geely. It frequently appears in the legend and mythology of the East, and it brings reputation and luck. Dreaming of a one -stop, the foresight will be loved by people.

Dreaming that a dragon exudes light in the house, there will be a good news from family members recently.

Dreaming of a dragon entangled, suggesting that all difficulties will pass.

Dreaming that one dragon entered his body, implying that he would argue with others and regulate your emotions, which is avoided.

Dreaming of yourself becoming a dragon, after your own efforts, success will come, don't give up, persist.

Dreaming of becoming a dragon upward heaven, heralding you will realize your ideals, celebrate the world, and pay attention to the world. And you get the trust of others.

Dreaming of a dragon attacked me, implying that there are signs of good luck in the career, and those who have negotiated with others can accept the wealth of all directions.

Dreaming of a black dragon flying in the clear sky, pay more attention to your health and rest.

Dreaming of a golden dragon, hinting to establish friendship with the upper people.

Dreaming of a black dragon shows that the dreamer's work and emotions will not be smooth.

Dreaming of a dragon and a snake, it is best not to jump in easily without doing or unfamiliar. It is easy to have time to control well.

A woman dreams of a dragon, indicating that the recent fortunes are not smooth. It is an ominous sign. It will suffer unnecessary losses. It is recommended to act carefully in the near future and work low -key.

Cereals dream of a dragon, which is a sign of your love and love, but not too much.

The dream of finding a job, there are still more variables in job hunting. Opportunities are often not open or fair. There are many accidents.

The person who prepared for the exam dreamed of a dragon, which meant that the test was good, but the effort was more important and the body was more expensive.

People in love dreamed of a dragon, indicating that there was a slight deadlock, and the marriage was successful after communicating slowly.

The people of this year of life dreamed of one dragon, which means that only family and everything, and the luck of the year was smooth.

People who do business dream of one dragon, which means that although it is smooth and slow, it is careful to prevent being destroyed.

The pregnant person dreamed of a dragon, indicating that there was a man, a female in May, and beware of accidental injuries.

People who planned to go out dream of a dragon, and suggested that they are careful when they encounter water and return home safely.

Dreaming of a dragon's original interpretation

Dreaming of the skyDragon, get rich.\"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Dragon on the sky, the Lord is expensive.\" Dream Interpretation\"

Dream Dragon enters the sea, Ji.The literati dream of this, learning to penetrate the heavenly people, including the universe, Liu Fangbai Shi, and a generation of Confucianism, not ordinary and shallow people.\"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

Dreaming of the dragon, Da Ji.\"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Dreaming and Dragon Dragon, Da Ji.\"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

What is the meaning of dreaming of a dragon?