What Does It Mean to Dream of A Cross?-Dreams Interpretation Online

What does it mean to dream of a cross?

Dreaming of a cross means that there is a mentality of repentance in the heart, or that the pressure in life and career is too heavy, which makes people miserable.

Dreaming of a cross: a symbol of mystery.

Any cross appears in your dream: it also means that you have to work hard to get the joy and happiness of success.

The patient dreamed of the cross: a sign that his body would soon be healed.

The businessman dreamed of the cross: a sign that he was about to succeed.

People in love dream of a cross: arguing about a little thing, so you should clarify your misunderstanding.

A pregnant person dreams of the cross: giving birth to a boy and giving birth to a girl in August.

Dreaming of the sign of the cross: indicates that you will suffer and poverty will accompany you. So try to change.

Dreaming of the Scarlet Cross: indicates that what you are doing will be bumpier than others, and even unable to go on.

Dreaming of the crucifixion of Jesus: foretells that you will have money.

Dreaming of a golden cross: indicates that you will break the routine and win victory.

Dream content:

Last night, I dreamed that I looked out of a window on the third floor of a small building and saw a square. Looking back across the square, there is the church, a small white one with a dark red cross on top. I am not a believer, but I believe in God. Can anyone tell me the meaning of this dream? thank.

Dream interpretation:

The meaning of this dream is that your recent life pressure will become too heavy due to various things, or you want to remedy the wrong things you have done (things you regret) and be forgiven, and the simple church represents you very much hope After experiencing this, I can live a peaceful life. And you believe in God, and God will always be connected with churches and crosses. In your heart, you hope that God can enlighten you and solve problems for you! The dark red cross means confession, stress, or difficulty. This dream may suggest that you should take responsibility for your mistakes if you do something wrong.