What Does it Mean to Dream of a Corpse?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of a corpse is a good omen.

Dreaming of you holding a corpse: It implies that you have good fortune. If the corpse smells, your career will be more prosperous.

Dreaming of hidden corpses: usually because in real life, there is a secret that is about to be exposed or trouble that is difficult to get rid of; whether it is secret or trouble, they are full of lethal power, enough to make you like all the suspects in the world The same, full of anxiety and fear.

Dreaming of yourself holding a skeleton: It means that you will be slandered or deceived by others.

Dreaming of a headless person or a headless corpse: You will be squeezed out by others in your life. Be careful of your situation.

To dream of a corpse in an open coffin: a sign that everything has achieved good results and satisfies you.

To dream that there are only bones left in the corpse in the coffin: Your deeds will be reported by the news media, and that you are about to become a celebrity makes you extremely happy.

Dreaming of wet blood on the corpse: Your words, deeds, or achievements will make others feel admired.

Dreaming of rotting corpses with viscous liquid: It means that the development of the career will be smooth, and many people are willing to be friends with you

Dreaming that the corpse is full of bugs: The things you are dealing with will end smoothly, you will usher in success and you will reap a fortune.

Dreaming of burning corpses: Your grades will improve and your school luck will increase. The reason is that you have been studying hard, and your grades will be greatly improved in the next year.

Dreaming of corpses everywhere: It means that you will be very unhappy in love. It is best not to actively pursue the opposite sex within half a year. If it is too urgent, the chance of falling out of love is very high.

Dreaming of a decayed corpse: It indicates that your recent fortunes are bad, and your words and deeds accidentally hurt others, so you need to make some changes in your personality.

Dreaming of a naked female body: You are about to participate in social activities such as friend gatherings, club activities, etc., so that some attentive opposite sex will pay attention to you. The suitors you meet have the heart to care for others. There will be some twists and turns in health. For example, I am happy to go to a disco party with my friends, so you hurt your waist because you are too aggressive, remember to stop everything in moderation.

Dreaming of a naked male body: It means that you will encounter problems in study or work, or be forced to a place you don't like. These are against your way of life, so don't hesitate when you should categorically refuse. An attitude of hesitation will make your luck down. However, recently you are quite suitable for planning events, gatherings, etc. That is the beginning of your execution ability.

Dreaming of the corpse of a child: It is not a bad thing, it means that you will be recognized by others.

Dreaming of a corpse in the water: It indicates that your recent fortune is bad, and you may be infected with diseases such as wind and cold. Remember to take precautions.

To dream of seeing a lot of corpses in the morgue: It indicates that you will have a lot of sorrows and worries that will burst into you without knowing it soon. It will catch you off guard. It is recommended that you realize and be mentally prepared.

  • Psychological dream interpretation

The corpse is the shell left after the death of life. From the perspective of imagery, dreaming of a corpse symbolizes the depressed part of the heart.