What Does It Mean To Dream of A Bonus?-Dreams Interpretation

Bonus represents a kind of honor, and the bonus in dreams is a symbol of reputation.

An official dream of giving out bonuses indicates that you are a person who is good at encouraging others, and your position will be promoted.

A woman dreams of giving out bonuses: indicates that her parents will give money, or have a good relationship with others, and can be loved by people.

The man dreamed of giving out bonuses: indicating that his subordinates would obey his instructions and the leadership's prestige would increase.

Business people dream of giving bonuses: it indicates that the business crisis will improve and will make a profit.

To dream of a leader giving a bonus: indicates that you will get a chance to get a promotion and raise your salary.

Students dream of giving bonuses: it means to be praised through unremitting efforts.

Dreaming of the company giving bonuses: you may be forced to abandon the original itinerary due to some unexpected events, please be sure to explain clearly.

A man dreams of giving out bonuses: a sign that his letter of prestige will be improved.

A woman dreams of giving out bonuses: it implies that she may get money from her parents.

To dream that your boss will send you an envelope with money in it: indicating that you will be promoted or trusted.

A business person dreams that his boss will send you an envelope: it indicates that the original unfavorable situation will happen unexpectedly, and the business will succeed.