What does it mean to dream and do not know people?

What is the mean of people who dream and do not know how to fight

Fighting in the dream may also represent oppression and resistance, represent competition relationships, defeat your own shortcomings, and so on. Dreaming of fighting with people who do not know each other, there are many nobles in their careers, and wealth can be improved. But seize the opportunity to avoid loss.

Dreaming of a large group of people who do not know the fight, indicating that you will suffer from the problem of the digestive system.

Dreaming and fighting people who do not know, and finally be killed. All pain and disasters will end, and they will live a very happy life.

Dreaming of fighting groups, implying that work or living pressure is a bit strong. In fact, it is not necessary. Things will eventually be resolved.

Dreaming of family and others fighting, indicating that the recent fortunes are good, and you will also handle your handy handling, making you feel the fresh and natural air around you.

Dreaming of the fight between the two men means the danger of separating or leaving home, and maintaining the relationship with his family. Dreaming of two women fighting, indicating endless concerns and confusion.

Men's dreams and people who do not know and do not know each other. Because money is suspicious of others, they have a bad sign of getting along with each other.

A woman dreams of fighting and who does not know, and has a lot of family disputes. There are many quarrels with her in -laws, and their lives are unfavorable.

The old man dreams and does not know the fight. Your fortune: Although it is difficult, good luck is coming.

People who dreamed of fighting and not knowing people who did not know the fate meant that the body was more expensive, the joy is coming, and the humility can be transferred.

People in love dreamed of fighting and unknown to fight, showing that they respect each other, humble and polite, and marriage is expected.

People who prepare for the exam dreamed of fighting and unknown fighting, which means that the oral or retest scores are poorly affected by admission.

People who do business dreamed of fighting and not knowing the fight, which means that they did not have perseverance to operate, and finally failed.

Pregnant people dreamed of fighting and unknown people fighting, indicating that there are women, Chunzong men, avoid moving soil, lipped.

People who plan to go out dream and do not know people who do not know, and recommend that they will be exited for one or two days.

The original interpreted by the person who dreamed and did not know the fight

was beaten to death, disaster. \" Dream Interpretation\"

Born to be self -defeating, the Lord is fierce. \" Dream Interpretation\"

Dreaming of being beaten, big fierce. \"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

What is the mean of people who dream and do not know?