What does it mean to dream about your wife? Dream Interpretation by Duke of Zhou

What does it mean to dream about your wife? Dreaming about your wife, is your wife okay? Dreaming about a wife has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about a wife organized by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Dreaming of embracing your wife indicates that you will be separated or separated from your wife.

To dream of being separated from your wife means that you will love your wife more.

To dream of marrying a noisy wife indicates that life will be prosperous, comfortable and happy.

If you see your wife committing adultery in your dream, it also means that you are extremely dissatisfied with your current situation.

Dreaming that your wife is married to someone else indicates that your wife may encounter disasters and other bad things, so you should pay special attention to them.

To dream that your wife is dead indicates that you will live a long life and that your husband and wife will live in harmony.

Prisoners dream of quarreling with their wives, and soon they will see their wives, and they will love each other.

The widower dreams of his late wife and will marry an educated woman, who will become an assistant in his career.

A man dreams that his wife is unconscious, indicating that his wife is about to give birth and will soon get a lovely child.

A married man dreams of his wife fainting suddenly and falling into a coma, indicating that his wife has signs of miscarriage, and he should go to the hospital for reexamination on time to ensure the safety of the mother and child.

To dream of your wife cheating means that you are very dissatisfied with the status quo, but because of your extra efforts, you will be promoted and envied by people around you, and the relationship between husband and wife will be better. If a husband who has quarreled with his wife recently dreams of his wife cheating, it indicates that the relationship between husband and wife will be reconciled.

To dream of arguing with your wife symbolizes family harmony and a happy life. If you are separated from your family and have not seen your wife for a long time, you dream of quarreling with her, indicating that you will see your wife soon.

Book of Changes Interpretation of Dreams

The wife in a man's dream has no symbolic meaning, that is, his wife.

In a dream or in reality, your relationship with your wife contains elements of your relationship with your mother or your "anima".

Seeing a dead wife is a common dream. Try to feel her and love her inside you, not just an external presence.

The original Zhou Gong interprets dreams

To dream of beating your wife indicates that you will lose money. "Dunhuang Dream Book"

To dream of your wife being sick indicates that you will lose money. "Dunhuang Dream Book"

To dream of your wife beating yourself indicates that you will gain strength from your wife. "Dunhuang Dream Book"

dreamIf the wife carries a knife, the child will be born quickly. "Dunhuang Dream Book"

Dreamed that his wife brought a knife and had children. "Dunhuang Dream Book"

To dream of your wife wearing heavy makeup means that you must share it. "Dunhuang Dream Book"

Dreaming about wife happiness indicates that you will gain financial resources. "Dunhuang Dream Book"

Those who dream of their wives will get a lot of money. "Dunhuang Dream Book"

To dream of divorcing your wife means getting extra money. "Dunhuang Dream Book"

The dream wife marries someone else. The main family property dissipates, the Yin people have different intentions, the door is empty, and it is ominous. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

The dream wife is sick, and the main room is in trouble. "Secretary of Broken Dreams"

Dreaming of his wife as a concubine. The place where you live is heavy with yin and yang is weak, so it is advisable to move. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

The wife wears brocade clothes and gives birth to a precious son. "Duke Zhou Interprets Dreams"

Marry a mourning wife, the Lord is happy and lucky. "Duke Zhou Interprets Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: The concept of family gives people the first impression that it is completely safe, can reproduce offspring, and have a lot of children and grandchildren. Generally speaking, if the children do not inherit the influence, then the above-mentioned family pattern will be destroyed. Through dreams, people try to re-correct the pattern, or to confirm the scene of damage. The dream may involve a dispute with a family member, but dream interpretation is not only about dreams. There are also reasons related to your actual relationship with that person. Future relationships in the family are affected by additions to the family.

Psychological analysis: People strive for their own personality development and completion, which causes some contradictions and conflicts, which are common things in family relationships. Of course, this is not essential for every family. People play ” at the mercy of ” family members in their dreams to show the difficulties they are facing without harming anyone among them. There is also a noteworthy fact here. If a certain member of this family is committed to dream interpretation, he will have a profound influence on other members of the family, affecting their activities and subconscious understanding. The various problems that a person can encounter in his life are almost without exception reflected in the family. During the time when you encounter a huge burden, you often dream about the family's previous problems and difficulties.

Spiritual symbol: Dreaming of a wife: The quality of this type of relationship depends more on the man's own feelings. If he was close and effective with his mother as a child, then he will play a good husband in his dream. Any loss of a wife or girlfriend will appear to you like the loss of your mother.

A case study of dreaming of a wife, wife

【Dream Example 1】

Fang Ming has a friend who has been with him since he was a child. This friend is a man with an outstanding family background. After getting married, Fang Ming was busy with making a living, so he had less contact with friends. One night, he dreamed that his wife had sex with that friend, and he and his wifeThe son confronted him, but the wife didn't care, as if nothing happened.

Dream analysis: Dreaming of wife betraying, but also showing indifference, which subconsciously shows that the dreamer is easy to be tempted, but there are modifications in the dream, showing that the wife is betraying. The reason why the dreamer dreams of this is because he is afraid, afraid of being ignored by his wife, and afraid that she will no longer love him. The reason is low self-esteem, because I feel that I am not as good as that friend. The friend is outstanding, making himself look inferior, and at the same time, he feels guilty because he is easy to be tempted, and has low self-esteem, so suspicion creates a dark ghost. If in the future life, the dreamer cannot change his current emotions and behaviors and behave more confidently, bad things will happen.

【Dream Example 2】

In the dream I saw my wife after a noisy but not very exciting wedding. My wife is very tall, and when we met, she came over viciously, looking like she was about to beat someone up, and woke me up instantly... (male, 16 years old)

Dream analysis: When I was young, I dreamed of getting married, it doesn't matter whether it is good or not. But dreaming of finding a wife from "Hedong Lion's Roar" means that the future life will be happy and comfortable. Because don't look at wives who are noisy, such wives are often generous and capable.

【Dream Example 3】

Recently, my wife has been very dissatisfied with me, and the relationship between us has almost dropped to the lowest point since we got married. In the dream, our complete family seemed to be split into three. One will let the wife live after we part. The other one is where I live, and the other one is our original home. There were so many houses that every time I got home I was frantically looking for a wife. Every time I sweat profusely, my wife appears in front of me. A face of contempt and indifference. (Male, 34 years old)

Dream analysis: The house is the love hut of husband and wife. But in the dream, this "love cabin" has three incarnations, showing emotional confusion and confusion. Two people do not have a common belonging, and there is no unity of love. In the dream, every time you go home, you search hard in those three houses, but your wife expresses contempt and indifference to your move. It can be seen that love has come to an end.