What does it mean to dream about your son not getting married? ? | Dream Interpretation

I dreamed that my son was not getting married. If I had this dream, my career would be influenced by others, and there would be a lot of villains around me. Treating people sincerely is a prerequisite for career. If you have unrealistic ideas, your life will be affected. It means it is difficult to do anything. If you have this dream, your pursuit of money will be influenced by others. There are many signs of villains around you, such as fighting with others because of financial support, or signs of intrigue, and your wealth will be difficult to achieve smoothly. Summer dreams are auspicious, spring dreams are unlucky.

Old people dream of seeking wealth from the south and getting along well with family members, which means good financial luck.

If a remarried person dreams that his son is not getting married, it means that he is not getting along with others because of money matters, and he often feels uneasy in life. There are many disadvantages to the expansion of the main career. People with egoistic personalities who have this dream will find it difficult to live a smooth life. If they can listen to the opinions of others, career development can be improved. People with egoistic personalities will have many disadvantages to their career development.

Those with delicate minds may dream of it. It means that they can get help from others in their career. There are signs of good luck in seeking wealth. If their career goes well, their wealth can be improved.

When a man in love dreams that his son is not getting married, it is a sign that his relationship will be affected. People who have good luck with romance tend to be entangled in their relationships with others. This is due to poor handling of human relationships and unsatisfactory relationships.

If a person with a head disease dreams that his son will not get married, it means that he is in good health, but if he quarrels with his children and grandchildren over trivial matters, his life will be more affected, and he will be troubled and have troubles with each other.

A person who is seeking money outside dreams that his son will not get married If you have lung disease or kidney disease, you should pay attention to rest, and those who are unwell should receive treatment as soon as possible.

Luck follows.