What does it mean to dream about your family being arrested? | Dream Interpretation

If you dreamed that your family members were arrested, this dream indicates that you have something to escape from, your career development will be adverse, your fortune will be difficult to prosper, and your life will be unfavorable. If you have such a dream, it means that you are a strong-blooded person, and it is difficult to listen to the advice of others when doing things, and you will do more and achieve less. Dreams in spring are auspicious, dreams in winter are unlucky.

A newly married man dreams of it. He will go to the northwest to seek wealth. He will have a lot of wealth. If he is good at business, he will have good luck in his career. If he fights with others in the world, his wealth will be entangled by villains. There are many worries and worries, and my heart is unhappy.

If a person seeking an official position dreams about his family being arrested, it is a sign that his financial fortune may be improved. If he has extraordinary perseverance in dealing with things, his financial fortune may even be improved. The career pressure is high and there are many signs of villains around you. You should distinguish right from wrong and not rely too much on others.

A woman who has just lost her love dreams of it, it is a sign that she can win over others in her career, treat each other sincerely, and have good financial luck for each other.

A married woman dreams that her family members are arrested, her love is as strong as gold, she is a talented and beautiful woman with her lover, her relationship will go smoothly, and her married life will be happy.

A courting person dreams that his family members have been arrested It means that there are many unfavorable things in life, so he should adjust his mentality to cope with it and not impose his emotions on others.

A job seeker dreams of his family members being arrested This dream means that he and his family members often have trivial matters and are suspicious of each other, and life is unfavorable. They should take the initiative to communicate with their family members and do not let their emotions out.

Those who are on a business trip dream about their family members being arrested It means a disease in the limbs or a recurrence of rheumatic disease. If you feel unwell, treat it as soon as possible.

Those who are engaged in finance, securities and other related industries dream that their family members have been arrested and go to the southwest to seek wealth, which means wealth, and it is often a sign of good luck.