What Does It Mean to Dream about War?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of war indicates that you will suffer, work or emotional trouble, get into entanglement, or suffer pain.

Dreaming of fierce battle scenes also means that you are facing fierce conflicts or having great pain in your heart.

Dreaming that you are participating in a war indicates that you have encountered conflicts in your work, your relationship is facing a crisis, your business is experiencing ups and downs, and you may even face a situation of loss of love or loss. Remind you that you need to cheer up and devote all your energy to face it.

A man dreams of participating in a war: It indicates that you will go through the unusual hardships in life recently. If you can survive the past, you will get a higher position, and you will get a new position soon in the future.

A woman dreams of participating in a war: It indicates that you have experienced some hardships at work recently, and you are more competitive. With your hard work, you will soon adapt to the new environment.

A single person dreams of participating in war: It indicates that your relationship luck has been good recently, and your efforts have touched the girl you have been pursuing. You will reap good results. The process is always arduous. Fortunately, the results are good.

A married person dreams of participating in war: It indicates that you have been happy in life recently. You need to go through some hardships at the beginning, and you will get a lot of money from it for a long time.

The worker dreams of participating in the war: It indicates that your workability is good recently, and you can obtain the desired results with your efforts. Pay attention to maintaining interpersonal relationships, which is helpful to the progress of your work in the future.

The old man dreamed of participating in the war: it indicates that you pay more attention to your health recently, and pay attention to hygiene in your daily diet to avoid bringing discomfort to your body.

The businessman dreamed of a domestic war: the business may be affected by macro-control or unforeseen factors.

To dream that you were hit on the battlefield, or to see the corpses around you: indicates that you will have good luck and will enter a new stage of life.

Dreaming of war, but feeling that the battlefield is far away from you in the dream: Means that your relatives or friends will encounter pain and suffering.

Dreaming that in the war, your party has won a big victory: indicates that you will overcome conflicts, resolve disputes, have good love, and a smooth career.

To dream that your side was defeated during the war: It indicates that you may be deeply involved in disputes, and it will be difficult to break free in the short term.

Dreaming that the war is over: It indicates that the conflicts and disputes will pass, the family will be in harmony, and the career will develop smoothly.

To dream of a civil war in a country: It implies that there may be epidemics or natural disasters where you live.

Dreaming of a cosmic war: There is a great possibility of a rival in love, but the final victory belongs to you. If you keep fighting, you will surely defeat your rivals.

Dreaming that the war is over: It means that your contradictions and disputes have been resolved, and your family life will be harmonious and harmonious.

Dreaming of war: It means that chaos may occur in your living area.

To dream of a civil war in the country: There may be famine or plague in your place.

The businessman dreamed of the outbreak of domestic war: implying that you can't do business abroad.

The thief or robber dreamed that they would go to war: suggesting that they might be caught on the spot, reminding you not to do anything illegal or criminal.

The prisoner dreamed of participating in the war: the high court will announce your release.