What does it mean to dream about vacation?-Dreams Interpretation

Dream interpretation: If you dream of going on vacation, it means your personal needs and recovery and satisfaction, and you don’t have to take care of others.

Psychoanalysis: People's desire to be independent and free from responsibility is often expressed as a vacation in their dreams. This symbol also warns you that you are hesitant to be too busy and have problems with your body and should take a good rest.

Spiritual symbol: On this level, vacation symbolizes rest and recuperation.

Dreaming about vacation: usually means a happy life, but also indicates that you will be promoted or rewarded.

Dreaming that there are always many worries during vacation: such as not being able to book a room, encountering bad weather, etc. This kind of dream implies that you are a little pessimistic, and you cannot get rid of the inner pressure even if you leave the usual depressive environment. This dream also reminds you that just changing the environment does not mean that you can live an ideal life.

Dreaming of husband and wife vacationing together means a happy life and family harmony.

The wife dreamed that her husband was on vacation: suggesting that the husband might lose his job or be ill in bed because of poor health.

To dream of going to the resort with friends during vacation time means that you will get help from people around you and be able to accomplish something at work.

To dream of going to a resort with your family on vacation: indicates that the family will be very harmonious.

To dream of going to a resort with the opposite sex means that you will lose your vigilance due to temptation and relaxation.

Dreaming that the resort door is closed tightly: indicates that you will be in trouble recently.

  • Dream content

Last night I dreamed that I hadn’t taken a vacation for a long time, and then the boss gave us a short vacation. My colleagues said that I wanted to rest at home. When I felt bored, I asked a friend to go on vacation and went to the seaside. There are many resorts and the scenery is beautiful, and I feel that my mood is instantly better. (Female, 26 years old)

  • Dream analysis

Regarding the dream interpretation of this dream, the first thing is to dream about vacation, which usually means a happy life, and also indicates that you will be promoted or rewarded. Secondly, I dreamed that I would go to the resort with my friends during vacation, indicating that I would get help from the people around me and be able to accomplish something at work.