What does it mean to dream about three breasts?

Question: I recently found out in my dream that I had three breasts, and I was very scared...

Dream Interpretation:

Generally speaking, female breasts in dreams mainly represent several meanings such as love, funny funny, maternal love, motherhood and feminization.

If your breasts are beautiful, it is a very good "meaning". In addition to suggesting that your wishes may come true, it also means that you are in good health, and that luck and happiness are about to come.

If in the dream you just find that you have three breasts instead of touching or being touched, it has a metaphorical flavor. Maybe you feel that you lack the female symbols of "motherhood" and "motherly love". For example, you feel that you are not "feminine" enough, have no feminine charm, cannot attract the different in nature, etc. You subconsciously long for more power and an ideal environment to unleash your female instincts, or maternal love.

In addition, if physical characteristics appear in dreams, you should also pay attention to your health. Sometimes it may be a sign of health problems.