What Does It Mean to Dream about Smoking?-Dreams Interpretation

To dream of smoking: It means that there is no desire for sex or desire to be satisfied, and the relationship between husband and wife is not harmonious.

A man dreams of smoking: is a good sign, it means that you will have a fortune shortly, and you will be very rich.

A woman dreams of smoking: It is a bad sign. She will likely be accidentally insulted by others soon, or the long-awaited thing will fail, or she may get sick. You need to do a detailed examination.

A woman dreams that someone teaches you to smoke: it means that there is some trouble in your interpersonal relationship. If you want to get help from others, then you have to learn to get along with them. Of course, making friends also need to be treated with caution.

A woman dreams of someone smoking: This is a warning dream. It means that you are having bad plans and negative thoughts, which will make you very negative. If you want yourself to be stronger, then you have to communicate with strong people as much as possible and learn their abilities, instead of being smart.

A woman dreams of her husband smoking: it means that there are conflicts between the husband and wife, and there are family disputes. It is recommended that you do not use a strong attitude to force your spouse to obey when dealing with family affairs, and you should communicate effectively.

A girl dreams of smoking cigarettes: It implies that she will marry a prestigious family.

A businessman dreams of smoking: it means that business will develop greatly shortly, it is very likely that he will go abroad to develop related business, and he will make a fortune.

The prisoner dreamed of smoking: Shortly, he will be able to regain his freedom, be released, and life will be very happy.

If the patient dreams of smoking: the disease will not show signs of improvement within a short period, on the contrary, he will get sick for a long time.

To dream of many people smoking together: The dreamer will be loved and supported by people, and maybe promoted in the position.

To dream of you smoking on the top of the mountain: It indicates that you will succeed in your recent career.

To dream that you want to smoke: It indicates that you will be affected by negative factors recently, and your heart will be shrouded in the shadow of unfairness, and you do not believe that your efforts and strength can be successful.