What does it mean to dream about riding a horse?

What does it mean to dream about riding a horse?

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dreaming about horses symbolizes luck. Happy things will happen due to external factors.

Dreaming about riding a horse indicates that you will soon gain both fame and fortune.

Dreaming about falling off a horse, the Duke of Zhou interpreted it as a harbinger of demotion and ruined reputation.

Dreaming about a horse that is fully clothed means that you will have plenty of food and clothing.

If you dream of a horse and a pony coming towards you, you can make a fortune.

To dream of an unridden horse following behind you will soon be awarded an honorary title.

To dream of riding a horse upside down indicates that bad luck is coming.

Dreaming about buying a horse indicates that you will get married and start a family soon.

Dreaming about training horses means being appointed to a special position by the country.

If you dream of many horses, you will become a millionaire.

Dreaming about feeding water to horses indicates that your position is low.

Dreaming about a horse kicking his son indicates that your friends will abandon you in times of misfortune.

If you dream of letting the horse go, you will squander all the property left by your ancestors.

Dreaming about beating a horse, or the horse dies, indicates that you will be fired soon.

If a woman dreams of riding a horse, she will be expelled from the country for participating in activities that rebel against the country.

The young man dreamed of riding a horse with his lover, indicating that he would soon get married.

A patient who has recovered from a long illness dreams of riding a horse, which means that he will soon become stronger.

If a prisoner dreams of riding a horse, he will escape from prison and return to his old career.

If you dream of training horses for the acrobatic troupe, you will become famous all over the world.

If you dreamed that someone gave you a horse as a gift, you would hold a senior position in the military department.