What does it mean to dream about poop on your feet? | Dream Interpretation

To dream of having feces on your feet indicates that you have experienced the world in the recent past, and you will have good luck in wealth and good career development. If you have this dream, it is a sign of a noble person's luck, and this dream should not be used by others because of trivial matters. Summer dreams are auspicious, but spring dreams are unlucky.

A newly married man dreams of it, and goes to the northwest to ask for money, which means a lot of money, which is an auspicious omen.

A person who is on a business trip dreams of feces on his feet, which means that he will have a lot of wealth. It means that there are many ideas of disputes with others in the business, and those who have a lot of disputes with each other over money matters will feel uneasy getting along with each other.

Dream of a full-time wife, it is a sign that you can gain the trust of others in the main business, and your fortune is quite rich. A smooth personality is a sign of good luck in career.

A man who is broken in love dreams of feces on his feet, his emotions are mostly influenced by others, there are signs of villains around him, he does not get along with the opposite sex, and his life is even more uneasy.

Entrepreneurs dream of feces on their feet, which means that life and struggles with others are often uneasy, and it means that career development is difficult to improve.

The applicant for an official dreamed of feces on his feet, indicating that the family relationship is not harmonious, family members have trouble getting along with each other, and children and grandchildren tend to argue more, which is an ominous sign.

Recently, those who often have nightmares dream of feces on their feet, those with frequent kidney and bladder diseases, and their physical condition is deteriorating.

Those who are engaged in finance, venture capital and other related industries dream of feces on their feet, which means that it is unlucky to go north, and it is a sign of good fortune and success in seeking money.