What Does It Mean to Dream about Panties?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of underwear indicates that privacy may be peeped by others.

Dreaming of other people's underwear indicates that you may quarrel with others.

To dream of wearing underwear, you take every relationship seriously, your fortune will improve, which is a good omen.

A businessman dreams of wearing underwear will increase his wealth, but he must not be too greedy.

The person in love dreams of wearing underwear, you give willingly in the relationship, regardless of return. As long as you treat each other sincerely, you can get married.

The employee dreams of wearing underwear: indicates that your recent financial luck is not good. Be careful and you will suffer losses.

An unmarried person dreams of wearing underwear and stable feelings will change greatly because some sensitive events are not handled properly.

A woman dreams of wearing underwear, her fortune has gradually improved recently, and she should seize the opportunity.

Dreaming of dirty and broken underwear indicates that your current situation will soon improve and you will make a fortune. It is a good omen.

A woman dreams of dirty and broken underwear: indicates that she will have good luck, which is a good sign.

Unmarried people dream of dirty and broken underwear, which indicates that you should not be too impatient in love, or you will fail, and you will succeed if you want to develop naturally.

Salaried people dream of dirty and broken underwear, indicating that there will be tricky things to deal with at work. At this time, it is a test of your usual interpersonal relationship. You can also listen to the suggestions of people around you. If you are too arbitrary, even if someone wants It is also difficult to help you.

Dreaming of dirty and broken underwear when looking for a worker indicates that you have a good job hunting fortune, but you must grasp and cherish it. If you hesitate, you will miss a good opportunity.

The student dreams of dirty and broken underwear, indicating that it takes more work in the exam to get good results. If you rely on guessing questions, your results will be average.

Dreaming about dirty underwear and clothes indicates that you have a good fortune recently and you will get a corresponding return for your efforts. However, when dealing with people and things, the investment yield curve will be used to measure the pros and cons. This will leave a selfish impression on people. Your personal development in the future is very unfavorable.

Dreaming of cutting your underwear indicates that you have a good fortune recently. You can take the initiative in doing things and leave a good impression on others. Especially in the relationship, there will be breakthrough progress. You must take good care of it.