What does it mean to dream about losing teeth?

What does it mean to dream about losing teeth? I heard others say that dreaming about losing teeth means that an elderly person in the family is going to die. Is this true?

What does it mean to dream about losing teeth? Dream interpretation: In the past, folk saying said that losing teeth will kill the elderly. This is a kind of superstition. But sometimes tooth loss and death of the elderly do occur one after another. Why?

Dreaming about losing teeth can represent two opposite feelings. One is the sadness of aging, because people will lose teeth when they get old. The second is the joy of growing up, because when children grow up, they have to lose their deciduous teeth and replace them with new ones. No matter how old the dreamer is, as long as he feels old or old-fashioned, he may have the former dream of losing teeth. Similarly, as long as he feels that he is growing up and abandoning the old for the new, he may have the latter dream of losing teeth.

So don’t panic when you dream about losing teeth. Analyze the specific situation in detail. It may mean that there is a problem in your interpersonal relationship. Then you need to mediate your interpersonal relationship, or your relationship. If there is something wrong with the tooth itself, it is recommended to go to the dentist to check the tooth. For specific information, please refer to http:///shenghuo/diaoya.html