What does it mean to dream about giving your son an injection? | Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about preparing injections for your own son means that although you will gain wealth, you will be more uneasy in life if you fight with others over trivial matters. If you dream of this dream, the master loves the worldly and understanding person, treats each other sincerely, a sign of rich fortune, and everything should not be lost because of small things. Summer dreams are auspicious, but spring dreams are unlucky.

Recently, those who have troubles and worries dream about it, seek money from the southeast, seek money from the northwest, the career can be assisted by noble people, seek money from the southeast, it is a sign that the fortune is difficult to improve, and there is a lot of anxiety in the heart feeling.

A talented person dreams of preparing an injection for his son, which means that gold and wood are a sign of wealth. Those who seek money must not have greedy thoughts, and they will feel uneasy in life. Career can be accompanied by good luck, but a person who does things carefully can have smooth things, and nothing can be forced.

Dream of a mild-mannered person, you can get help from others in your career, and there are many signs of noble people helping each other.

A broken-hearted person dreams of preparing an injection for his son, which means that he will have a lot of luck, and his relationship will be smooth.

A person who is looking for a job abroad dreams of preparing an injection for his son, which means that you have more social dinners recently, which will have a negative impact on your life. If you can meet someone who treats you sincerely and distinguish right from wrong, the problem will improve. If you have struggles with others in dealing with the problem, it will be very detrimental to your life.

A remarried person dreams of preparing an injection for his son, expressing the relationship with each other is based on honesty, family members are sincere, communication is not hindered, children and grandchildren depend on each other, heaven and man care, brothers have, Parents can be at peace, children and grandchildren are at peace.

People with disharmonious family relationships dream of preparing injections for their sons, which means gastrointestinal diseases, and their physical condition is even more unfavorable. They should adjust their work and rest in order to improve their lives.

People engaged in ceramic technology, tile manufacturing and other related industries dream of preparing injections for their sons, it is auspicious to go north, and unlucky to go south. Listening to the advice of others will bring disadvantages to your career, and people with stubborn personalities will have trouble making money.