What does it mean to dream about flooding your feet? ? | Dream Interpretation

To dream that your feet are flooded in the building is a sign of a lot of luck for noble people, good luck for peach blossoms, smooth emotions, sincere treatment with others, and long-lasting relationships. If you have this dream, the owner will not deal with the world so well, and the fortune will be difficult to prosper, and the person who seeks money should not have the idea of ​​self-assertion. Dreaming in winter is auspicious, but dreaming in summer is inauspicious.

Dream of a remarried person. Going to the Northeast to seek money, the wealth luck is quite rich, and people with a smooth personality can listen to other people's persuasion, and the wealth luck will improve.

A divorced man dreamed that his feet were flooded in the building, if he sees invisible wealth in tangible things, he may have the meaning of wealth and wealth, but it is the sincerity and hard work of each other that can have the foundation of wealth . If you gain the trust of others in your main business, you will have success in seeking money, while those who advocate for themselves will have a lot of uneasiness in life.

Dreams of people who have had many entanglements with others recently, it is a sign that people are more suspicious of others in their career, and there are many villains around them. .

A woman who has just lost love dreams of a building flooding her feet. good omen.

A person with a delicate mind dreams of a building flooding his feet, the person who got this dream has a lot of troubles recently, and has intrigues with others, which is not good for your life.

A mild-mannered person dreams that his feet are flooded in the building, indicating that he has had a lot of quarrels with his family recently, and the relationship with his lover is not harmonious.

A person seeking an official dreamed that his feet were flooded in the building, which means that he is in good health recently and his life is going well.

Those who are engaged in light energy, optical fiber and other related industries dreamed that their feet were flooded, and they went to the southwest to seek money, and the money was rich. improved.