What does it mean to dream about dragons? Dreaming about Dragon Interpretations.

What do you mean by dreaming about dragons

The Chinese think that the dragon symbolizes auspiciousness. Dreaming of the dragon means that someone around you will be promoted to make a fortune, and you get the trust of others. Dreaming of the dragon is a symbol of distinguished, and luck will become better.

Dreaming of the dragon shows that you must be an unusual person. God will give you the opportunity to succeed and rich in glory and wealth.

Dreaming that the dragon is flying in the sky, it indicates that you are lucky, work and academic performance, and attract attention.

Dreaming that you are flying to fly, indicating that your opportunity is coming, and there are lucky gods to care. Even if you face difficulties, you will be solved.

Dreaming of Huanglong is a wealth of wealth, implying that you will have a lot of wishes in your life and success in your recent fortunes. The people around you will also contaminate your wealth and have unexpected income.

Dreaming of the dragon spit out golden blocks or jade beads, you will get the grace given by God, the family business or career is good, you will be successful and you will realize your wish.

Dreaming of the life of the dragon indicates that your recent fortunes are very good. When you go out, you will meet your nobles.

Dreaming of being chased by the dragon, this is also Jimeng, letting the dream of Pingbu Qingyun foreshadow it, indicating that it is yourself or someone in the family will fly Huang Tengda.

Dreaming of Tianlong, there will be good luck and wealth.

Dreaming of Black Dragon, Jiafu. Speaking of noble children.

Dreaming of the red dragon, good thing , this dream is noble, everything is incomparable.

Dreaming of Qinglong, indicating that the child will become a national pillar when he grows up.

Dreaming of having a dragon, indicating that the baby's future is healthy and outstanding in the future.

Dreaming of a dragon is a sign of a good luck.

If you dreamed of dragon and gold and silver jewelry at the same time, it indicates that you will be given by heaven, good things may continue to continue, wealth is strong, hand is good, your career is prosperous, and success is imminent.

Dreaming of the scene of flying dragon ascending the sky, or dragon spraying, or roar, all indicate that you will receive unexpected good news in the near future. Maybe officials or wealth will be the best. Dear, follow, realize your wish, and succeed.

Pregnant women dreamed of dragons, and their births in the future can become big people.

Pregnant women dreamed of Long Shengtian, and the son born in the future can become a big husband.

Pregnant women dreamed that the dragon entered the house, and the son born in the future will be famous in the future.

The pregnant woman dreamed that the dragon entered the embrace, and the son born in the future will be famous in the future.

Pregnant women dream of discovering dragons in a well. It is the signs of the birth of a dragon and phoenix among people.

The pregnant woman dreamed of the dragon head, indicating that the birth of the son will not only look good, but also achieve a great cause in the future.

Pregnant women dream of dragon tail, which is a sign of giving birth to a beautiful daughter.

Pregnant women dream of hugging the dragon body, which is a sign of giving birth to a beautiful daughter.

The pregnant woman dreams of a red dragon, and she will have a \ Zhenlong Tianzi \ RDQUO;.

Pregnant women dream of flying in the sky, indicating that their son will fly Huang Tengda in the future.

The pregnant woman dreamed of the dragon, and there was a sign of a child.

Dreaming of the dragon surrounded by him, it is a sign. The pregnant woman dreamed that the dragon was pregnant, and she would become pregnant and have children soon.

The people of this year of life dreamed of dragons, which means that although there is rolling, there is still a lot of money, which is smooth.

People who do business dream of dragons, representing unstable prices and losing money, and rectification from newly rectified internal rectification.

Pregnant people dream of a dragon, indicating that there are daughters, winter, and men, be careful to prevent dystocia, and mother's more maintenance.

The people who attended the school dreamed that the dragons meant that the liberal arts scores were poor and the science was better, but it was difficult to reach.

People in love dream of dragons, indicating that there must be results in grasping the timing of marriage, and marriage can be achieved.

Those who travel dream about dragons, and it is recommended to delay off.

Dreaming of the original 's dream interpretation

The woman sees the dragon, and the noble son. \" Dream Interpretation\"

Dreaming of Tianlong, getting money. \"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Dreaming on the dragon, good luck. \"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Dreaming and Dragon Dragon, Da Ji. \"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

Dragon on the sky, the Lord is expensive. \" Dream Interpretation\"

Menglong. Dragons are also positive and group heads. This person must be a very person. \"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

Dreaming of the Black Dragon, the rich family. \"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Dream Dragon enters the sea, Ji. The literati dream of this, learning to penetrate the heavenly people, including the universe, Liu Fangbai Shi, and a generation of Confucianism, not ordinary and shallow people. \"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

Dreaming of the Chilong, worrying official, and tongue. \"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Dreaming of the dragon killing, Great Great. \"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Meng Chenglong on the sky, the Lord Ji, is a sign of noble, and has good reputation. \"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

Dreaming of the dragon city, wealthy prince. \"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Dream Canglong wounds the moon, Ji. The house woman was pregnant and gave birth to a noble son. Yin and Yang Gaotai, Daxiang also. \"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

Dreaming and heavy wind and rain dragon up, Ji.Flying Dragon is in the sky, seeing the adults.The fame is expensive, the corners are rumored, the clothing is returning to the hometown, and the auspicious sign.\"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

Dreaming of riding a dragon, Dafu, official.\"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Dreaming of the dragon must be rich;\"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Dreaming of taking the dragon to the sky, three generations of wealth.\"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

What does it mean to dream about the dragon?