What does it mean to dream about deliberately stimulating your lover?

Dream about stimulating your lover. Dream description: In the dream, you deliberately show intimacy in front of other men to stimulate your lover.

The best interpretation of dreaming about stimulating your lover: The more you care, the more you fear losing and the more you want to gain. Because you care, you will also ask the other person to care about you and pay attention to yourself. Deliberately showing intimacy in front of other men in the dream to stimulate your lover indicates that the dreamer is lonely and hopes to gain attention from others.

Dreaming about deliberately showing intimacy in front of other men to stimulate your lover, although it seems that there is no shortage of men around you, it reflects your "inner loneliness" from another aspect, and it also shows that you attach great importance to it. Him, but you feel like you don't get the same attention he pays to you. In your heart, you hope to use this method to stimulate your lover, hope that he will value you, make him anxious, and hope that he can treat you better because of your actions. This does not reflect your weakness. And my inner desire is to show my body, my appearance, or my wealth in front of men. My subconscious mind means that I am a very attractive person, and there are a lot of people waiting to chase me, and I want to talk to her. When you're in love, it's best to just listen to what you're told. In fact, I have this habit because I am afraid of loneliness.

Dream 2: In the dream, deliberately tortures the lover by being late or having no sense of time.

Psychology, that is, she always thinks that her time is more valuable than his. In fact, she hopes to occupy more private space. Even in a two-person world, she hopes to seize other people's sense of space, because that will allow her to experience other people's anxiety. It’s time to gain a sense of honor, authority, and respect.