What does it mean to dream about colors?

What does it mean to dream about colors

I dreamed that I was wandering in a fabric mall. Suddenly, a piece of brightly colored silk fabric caught my eye. This piece of material has warm colors, red flowers, and yellow leaves, which makes people fall in love with it. (Female, 26 years old)

Dream analysis: Color dreams represent reason and reality, passion and romance. The colors in dreams are the colorful expression of your inner world.

If you dream of red, it is a symbol of wealth and enthusiasm.

Dreaming of green is a symbol of news, vitality and development.

Dreaming about pink represents travel and sexual relations.

Dreaming of yellow represents improvement in status and promotion in position.

Dreaming about blue is a symbol of loftiness and breadth.

Dreaming about purple represents ability and charm.

Dreaming of holy white represents purity and loyalty.

Dreaming about black is a symbol of difficulties and troubles.

Dreaming about colors is a symbol of romance and variety.