What Does It Mean to Dream about Coconuts?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of coconuts means that you will be framed by others because you may threaten the interests of others.

To dream of knocking coconut to eat: indicates that there will be some accidents in the things, you want to accomplish.

Dreaming of coconut milk means that you will lose money.

Dreaming of withered coconuts indicates that you may suffer losses, or your friends may die.

Dreaming of coconut trees: indicates that you don't have too much hope for the future.

Dreaming of a withered coconut tree: this is a sign of failure, we must actively respond.

The student dreamed of coconut: poor test scores, it would be good if they made progress.

The businessman dreamed of coconuts: the business has been struggling to progress and losing money.

Lovers dream about coconuts: it means you will have two marriages.

A pregnant woman dreams of coconut: giving birth to a girl and giving birth to a boy in autumn.

A person traveling far away dreams of a coconut: traveling smoothly as scheduled.

Dreaming of coconut juice: something good happens, there will be wealth.

Travelers dream of coconut juice: need to change the date of departure.

The businessman dreamed of coconut juice: making a profit at first, then slowly losing money.

Lovers dreamed of coconut juice: talk about the relationship again, everything goes well.

Pregnant women dream of coconut juice: they will give birth to a boy, beware of fetal gas, and eat carefully.

The student dreamed of coconut juice: the need to work harder in liberal arts, and is near the edge of admission.

To dream of carrying a bottle of coconut juice: indicates that an interesting event you encounter will completely disrupt and change your life plan.

To dream of the enemy drinking coconut juice: the enemy will attack oneself.

Dreaming of making coconut milk: will get people's love.

To dream of receiving coconut juice from others: to make new friends.