What Does It Mean to Dream about Cabbage?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of cabbage: an ominous sign indicates that there will be unfortunate news coming, and you need to be psychologically prepared.

Dreaming of Chinese cabbage: indicates that something bad will happen, you need to be more careful, whether it is life or work.

Dreaming of washing cabbage indicates that your life will become better.

Dreaming of eating cabbage: a sign of wealth, there will be unnecessary expenses.

To dream of harvesting, cabbage indicates that your body will be very healthy.

Dreaming of fried cabbage: work or life pressure is a bit heavy.

Dreaming of cutting cabbage: Although the business volume seems to be good this time, the money income may not be proportional to the effort you put in.

Dreaming of a cabbage field means that you will have more property.

To dream of a flood in the cabbage field: indicates that you will suffer losses. It is an unknown sign.

To dream of cutting cabbage indicates that your performance will improve and your interpersonal relationships will also improve.

Dreaming of buying cabbage: unfortunate things will happen.

Dreaming of cabbage field: indicates that there will be more property.

Business people dream of cabbage: it means you will face competition.

When a pregnant person dreams of cabbage, it indicates the birth of a boy. Three or four months to give birth to a daughter.

The prisoner dreamed of Chinese cabbage: the sentence may increase.

The patient dreamed of Chinese cabbage: suggesting that the condition will get worse.