What does it mean to dream about being arrested? | Dream Interpretation

If you dream that you are being arrested, if you have this dream, your life may have a tendency towards wealth. If you gain the trust of others, your career may be improved. If you have a lot of disputes with others, there will be signs of uneasiness in getting along with them. . If you dream like this, the little people around you will have good luck. If you seek wealth, you will be exploited by others. If you do things on your own initiative, your wealth will be difficult to prosper. Dreams in spring are auspicious, dreams in autumn are unlucky.

Single women dream about going to the northwest to seek wealth. Tangible objects are mostly symbols of good financial luck. People who are good at steering the wind will have better financial luck. Those who are engaged in management-related industries , a sign of stable career, this is a good sign.

A full-time housewife dreams of being arrested is a sign of abundant wealth, gaining the trust of others, and many signs of good luck to each other. If they have similar pursuits in their careers, and their fortunes will improve, it is mostly an auspicious sign.

Entrepreneurs dream about it, which is a sign that there are many others who can help each other in their career, and each other's financial luck can be improved. Those who have more luck with noble people mean that their careers will be good.

, If you have self-assertion, your career will not work and you will feel uneasy.

Students dream of being arrested Don’t do things too much for yourself and pay attention to what others think. This will improve your life. If you get entangled with others over trivial matters, your life will also be depressed.

If a person seeking a job outside dreams of being arrested, the family's economy will improve, he will have enough food and salary, be content and happy, and be diligent and thrifty in running the house, and his wealth will last.

Those who have a discordant family relationship dream of being arrested, which indicates good health and a happy family, which is a good sign.

Those who are engaged in education, prenatal care or maternal and infant products and other related industries dream of being arrested, and they are seeking wealth in the south. This dream is for people with good financial luck, and their financial luck can be improved. A sign, this is a good sign.