What Does It Mean to Dream about A Roof?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of the roof usually symbolizes some kind of protection and blessing.

To dream of you climbing on the roof indicates that the dreamer has an aggressive and persevering spirit of pursuing progress, and indicates that your situation will soon be greatly improved.

Dreaming of a thief standing on your roof indicates that you will get rich and have a lot of wealth.

Dreaming of repairing the roof or decorating the roof indicates that the income will increase or the position will be promoted, and the situation will be greatly improved.

Dreaming that your roof is cracked or leaking indicates that you will suffer losses.

Dreaming of falling from the roof implies that your success may only be temporary, and you will soon lose everything about success.

A woman dreams of a grass roof: it indicates that you will be sick.

The farmer dreamed of a brick roof: a good harvest is in sight.

A woman dreams of a brick house roof: a gift from her parents will make her husband richer.

The businessman dreamed of the brick roof: it indicates that the income will decrease.

Dreaming of building a roof means that the work you are doing will earn you a lot of money.

To dream that the roof is made of lime or cement is an auspicious omen.

Dreaming of trees piercing through the roof means that things are not going well in the future.

To dream that your roof has cracked a big crack or a big hole, and your property will suffer loss.

Dreaming of a thief on your roof can make a fortune.

Dreaming of snow on the roof indicates that your friendships are going well in the future, and getting along with each other in harmony will increase the feelings between each other, and you need to take good control of it.

Dreaming of a broken roof means that you have no sense of security in your heart.

Dreaming that the roof of your home is broken and broken indicates that there will be an unexpected disaster in your home.

To dream that the roof of your neighbor’s house is broken, which means that you will argue with others.

Dreaming that the roof is on fire indicates that good things will happen to you in the future. It may be that you are going to be promoted and raise your salary.

Dreaming of water leakage on the roof indicates that you will have a disaster in the future, which needs to be prevented in advance, which may affect the lives of you or your family. In addition, it may also mean that there are some loopholes in something you are doing, which may be exploited by people who want to make up for it as soon as possible.

The businessman dreamed of a leaking roof: It indicates that there are some problems in your business. It may be that someone inside wants to swallow your funds. It is best to check the accounts.

A man dreams of a roof leak: it indicates that your recent career will be in crisis, which may be caused by some small things around you, so don't miss anything.

A woman dreams of a water leak on the roof: It indicates that your relationship is not going well, and you may be hurt a lot, causing you to no longer trust in love.

Dreaming about the dome: It indicates that there will be gratifying changes in your life.

To dream of you staring at the dome from a distance: Indicates that you will never reach the peak of your ideals. If you are talking about love, the person you love will laugh at your diligence.

A pregnant woman dreams of roofing: This is an auspicious omen, it indicates that you will give birth to a cute little boy.

A pregnant woman dreams of her husband helping to build a roof: It indicates that your husband will gain something through hard work, and it may also be money income or a chance for promotion. You should remind your husband to seize the opportunity.