What Does It Mean to Dream about A Drugstore?

Dreaming of a pharmacy: It indicates that all problems can be solved well, which is a good omen.

The patient dreamed of a pharmacy: it means that your body will recover soon.

To dream of going to a pharmacy to buy medicine: It implies that you are going to be tortured by disease.

Dreaming that you run a pharmacy: It means you are going to be sick.

Dreaming that your pharmacy was stolen: It indicates that your pharmacy business is more prosperous.

To dream of a pharmacy doctor prescribing medicine for me: Whether you can achieve the purpose you want depends on your communication skills. Knowing what you say and what you say will make things easier.

A businessman dreamed that the pharmacy doctor would prescribe medicine for him: business is not going well and business is unstable, so it is recommended to invest less.

A single person dreams of a pharmacy doctor prescribing medicine for him: family members will interfere in your emotional life, and a blind date may be arranged soon.

To dream of selling drugs in pharmacies means that you will be tortured by diseases if you are in contact with patients and diseases all day long.

Dreaming of buying medicine for others at a pharmacy indicates that the atmosphere at home has become tense recently, and unusually chaotic disputes may occur. It is recommended that you may as well communicate with your family patiently for some time to help resolve conflicts.

A staff member dreams of buying medicines for others in a pharmacy: It indicates that you must correct your attitude at work, does not overly boast of your abilities. It is best to use practical actions to win the compliments of the other party, and also to establish your prestige so that you will be better at work. Effective.

To dream of going to a pharmacy to buy medicine for others: It indicates that there will be opportunities for change or transfer in the workplace. You need to grasp the opportunities that suit you according to your personal career plan, and it will be very effective in the future.

Dreaming of buying contraceptives for others in the pharmacy: It indicates that you are lucky and energetic. What you didn't have the guts to do in the past will have a good harvest today. At this time, you can release yourself to your heart's content.

To dream of buying band-aids for others in the pharmacy: It indicates that your mind is more sensitive, and some small mistakes will make you uneasy, and you will not be able to work at ease. You have to adjust your mentality.