What does it mean to dream about a bulging belly? | Dream Interpretation

To dream of a protruding belly means that you and your family have a lot of quarrels over trivial matters, get along with each other uneasy, and your career development is difficult to go smoothly. There are disadvantages. If you have this dream, there are many villains around you recently, which will affect your career judgment. Dreaming in winter is auspicious, but dreaming in summer is inauspicious.

Dream of a remarried person, it is auspicious to go south, unlucky to go north, rich in wealth, rich in nobles, and good luck in life. There is uneasiness.

Those who have been entangled with others recently dreamed of a swollen belly, which is also a sign of wealth and wealth. However, if there is a lot of competition with others in the career, it will be very uneasy to get along with. It is a sign that the career is difficult to go smoothly, often deceived by others, and it is difficult to seek money.

Middle-aged women dream that there will be opportunities for others to help each other in their careers, and those who treat each other sincerely will show signs of improvement in life.

A divorced man dreams of a swollen belly, indicating that the relationship between the opposite sex is complicated. Although there is someone he really likes, but there are quarrels with the other party, it will be difficult for his career to go smoothly.

A divorced woman dreams of a swollen belly, which means that she feels uneasy in life and her fortune is difficult to improve.

A person who seeks an official dream has a swollen belly, and there are a lot of family disputes, and life is not peaceful, so getting along with others often means intrigue, and people who seek money should not have Arbitrary thoughts.

A full-time wife dreams of a bulging belly, which means that the dream is not good, the health is not good, and there is a sense of escape in the heart.

A person engaged in gardening art, civil engineering and other related industries dreamed of a swollen belly, and went to the northeast to seek wealth, got older people, trusted each other, and a sign of rich fortune, which is a good omen.