What does it mean to catch a bird?

What do you mean by catching a bird?

The bird is ignorant, representing the energetic. Dreaming of birds, explaining the heart of dreams. Dreaming of catching a small bird, is a not bad, it is to make a fortune, will make a sign of good luck.

Businessman dreams of catching a small bird, will profit.

The single person dreams of catching a small bird, who is forever, and the love can be transferred.

The marriage dreams to catch a small bird, indicating that there is a chance to travel, and the recent travel may go out, or the business trip.

Dreaming of shooting birds, analyzing the hearts of the dream, hoping to win, like a bird, but dreaming that shooting birds will generally break the fortune.

Pregnant women dream of catching birds, indicating that you will encounter a good thing in your life, and the desire to achieve in the past will be achieved, it is not bad.

Pregnant women dreams birds, indicating that there will be good food in the near future, everything will be smooth, and will be able to have a healthy baby in the future.

Pregnant women dream of catching bird injuries, indicating that the near future is not good, there may be major dangers such as abortion, I suggest that you have more attention and cautious attention.

The pregnant woman dreams of the birds fly, indicating that you may have a lot of confusion in real life due to reality, I suggest you can make short-term travel, keep a pleasant mood, in your belly The fetus is very important.

Pregnant women dream of catching birds, not catching, indicating that your recent things have not reached the expected expectations, maybe you don't have enough attitude, it is recommended that you need more efforts, not only can be enhanced The baby's fighting spirit can also establish the image in your baby's mind.

Pregnant women dream of caught a lot of birds, indicating that the recent luck is very good, family life is also happy, the baby will add a lot of fun and joy to the home, life is also happy, it is Daji Deli dreams.

The people of this year dream of catching birds, meaning that they choose to be careful, cautiously prevent small people design framed, and go out less.

People in love dream of catching birds, indicating that the opportunity to seek marriage must have results, marriage.

People who do business dream of catching birds, representing business causes are not afraid of setbacks, success must belong to you.

The trip people dream of catching the birds, and it is recommended that the rain will stop, and the rain will start again.

Pregnant people dream of catching birds, indicating that born men, cautious, abundance.

Dreaming of grasping the original li dream

see the birds, see the bird. \" Ji Dream\"

See the little bird, if you are guilty. \" Ji Dream\"

Seeing birds, catching birds to make money. \" Ji Dream\"

DreamingThe psychology of the bird

Dreaming that there is no hair that doesn't want to call it, indicating that you may be squeezed by the rich people, but you can have no choice but to swallow your voice..Or you are working in a job that you are doing things you don't want to do, but you don't resist, you can only do it.

What is the meaning of dreaming of catching a bird?