What does it mean to buy wine? Dreaming to buy wine interpretations.

What do you mean by buying wine

Stripwater is more fluent, and it is more worried. In the dream, the wine is contradictory. Once the people have lost their words, they will be prone to contradictions, which represents the real life. Dreaming of buying wine, indicating that you can surpass the current status, the previous lessons and knowledge will be used.

Dreaming of buying wine, impressing that the dream is too strong, to be large, don't have a contradiction between the tongue and friends.

Dreaming to buy wine, suggesting that there will be distant friends to contact you, so you feel very happy.

Dreaming of buying wine sent people, good fortune, people who have helped each other, indicating that their interpersonal relationship is good.

Dreaming of others buying wine, suggesting that the fortune is good, I feel that this time is very smooth, and I will receive good news.

Dreaming of buying beer, suggesting a bit emptying, avoiding going to public places, avoiding ourselves in front of others.

Dreaming of buying Maotai wine, the fortune is not very good, suggesting that the real life will enhance the mouth, must pay attention to his words and deeds, avoid sin to others.

Dreaming to buy alcohol, implied that the fortune is good, especially if the fortune has risen, the revenue of the dream is relatively stable, and the investment will encounter a good project, then he is to grasp the opportunity, will be for you Bring good benefits.

Dreaming of drinking alone, suggesting that there may be a conflict of people, there is a thing that you have to borrow wine.

Woman dreams of buying wine, receiving good career development, more assistance to others. Emotionally, there are many things around them, and they are unfavorable.

Single man dreams of buying wine, the career is sincerely tied to others, asking for money, and the career is good.

Students dream of buying wine, recently your test scores are very good, are the results of our usual efforts to review, remember to be proud of this.

Single dream to buy wine, recently your love fortune is very good, so encounter your favorite object, bravely express my heart.

Workers dream of buying wine, your fortune is very good, your own performance is very good, and there is a chance to be led by leadership.

The people of this year dream of buying wine, meaningful to travel more or the address migration, and the occupation has changed.

The people who go to school dream of buying wine, meaning that there is ideal achievements, and no longer have good results.

People who do business have dreamed of buying wine, representing the wrong way, difficult to operate, loss of loss.

People in love dream of buying wine, illustrating re-talking, conceptual tongue, marriage.

The trip people dream of buying wine, suggesting that they don't have to stay all the way, and when you meet hot days.

Pregnant people dream of buying wine, indicating that there is a born man, and the water is not close, and the abortion is produced.

Dreaming of buying wine, the original li dream

sell wine, the main tongue.\" Ji Dream\"

What is the meaning of the dream of buying wine?