What does it mean if I dreamed that my relationship with my elementary school classmate was somewhat ambiguous? ?

Dream description:

Female, 18 years old, unmarried, now has a boyfriend, and will be dating for a year. Before the dream, I had a dispute with my boyfriend, but we made up later.

I dreamed that a primary school classmate of the opposite sex accompanied me to buy a mobile phone. When he came back, he met his parents behind my back. The parents had a very good attitude towards him and bought him a lot of clothes. The opposite-sex elementary school classmate in the dream had an unusual and ambiguous relationship with me. In the dream, I was quite happy and had no resistance. However, in reality, I had not contacted him for many years.

Duke Zhou’s interpretation of dreams:

That’s because you and your boyfriend just had a quarrel and had an argument. Subconsciously, you may be expecting your boyfriend to love and care for you, give you everything, and not care about you. However, this is not the case. As wonderful as you imagine, the greater your hope for your boyfriend, the greater your disappointment. So other boys will appear in the dream, and often the boy in the dream will treat you better than your boyfriend.

This essentially reflects your hope that your boyfriend will treat you better. For example, when two people quarrel, your boyfriend will ask you to order something, O(∩_∩)Oha, lovers should tolerate each other, Wish you happiness!