What does it mean by flying by a cat? Dreaming of the cat flexible interpretations.

Dreaming of what it means to be scratched

Dreaming of being scratched by cats, indicating that it will be hurt from the competitors or enemies, friends give themselves!

Office workers dream of being scratched, be alert to the small people around you.

Businessman dreams of being forth, pay attention to competitors.

Dreaming of a cat scratch you, a lot of profits you have always wanted to earn in your enemies since a lot of days.

Dreaming of being scrambled by cats, indicating that it will be hurt from the competitors or enemies, friends give themselves! The working class dreams that the cat is scratched, be aware of the villains around you.

Woman dreams of being scratched, such a dream is in a dreamer, there is a competitor in your love life, and she is looking for opportunities like a cat to compete for your love. But this symbolic meaning is not absolute. If your mood is happy in the dream, such a dream represents a favorite of a dream to the cat, there is no special meaning.

Pregnant women dream of being scrambled, symbolizing the dreams of \ suspicious \ and \ worrying \ psychology, maybe dreaming during pregnancy, can't care enough, or fear husband Will get into the grass outside to create such a dream. I don't have to worry, keeping a cheerful and pleasant mentality during pregnancy. It is very important to yourself and your baby. Pregnant women dream of being bitterly bitted by cute cats, representing their own expenses of the baby, it is also a sign of the health of the baby.

Men dream of being scrambled, in addition to symbolizing the feelings of dreams, will bring trouble to themselves; in addition, there may be a strong competitor around you, because the opponent is hidden in dark At the point and the strain ability, reminders should be careful to deal with it, you can wait to change but don't impulse the recklessness, don't cause unnecessary losses because of your own negligence.

What is the meaning of what does it mean by the cat's flying?