What does it mean by dreaming, dreaming of magpie interpretations.

What is the meaning of the dream of 喜

Magpie is a symbol of auspicious in China, since ancient times with the customs of painting. Magpies are one of the birds, like to build the nest on the big tree next to the house and activities near the residential point.

Dreaming of magpies, symbolizing love and good luck, may marry a famous family.

Dreaming of magpie stopped on the tree, will inherit the unexpected heritage.

Dreaming of magpie, there may be friends or relatives to marry.

Dreaming of magpie is a bridge, indicating that there will be a unforgettable feeling.

Dreaming of magpie, indicating that you will conclude good, family rich, couples and music.

Dreaming is a noisy in the branches, representing you will encounter a good thing, life is good.

Dreaming of magpie freescending, indicating that your luck will get better and better, everything goes well.

Pregnant women dream of magpies, will have a healthy and cute baby, and this baby will bring you fortune, I want to do it, you will be successful.

The pregnant woman dreams two magpies, indicating that it is likely to be a twins, or after a healthy baby, it is a good sign of the double happiness.

Pregnant women dream of magpie flying in the sky, indicating that the recent fortune is good, the fetus in the belly is healthy, will have a smart and lively child, and grow up after growing.

Pregnant women dream of feeding, indicating that your health is declining, to supplement nutrition, to ensure good health, in order to give birth to a healthy baby.

The pregnant woman dreams of being hurt, hints that your heart is worried about the baby, to adjust his own mentality, supplement the body's nutrition, abide by the doctor's advice, can have a healthy baby.

Young people dream of dreaming of dreams, this time, your luck is not good, it is not satisfactory, it is not advisable, and it is advisable to wait for a good time. Avoid dispute with people, and the dispute is unfavorable.

People in love dream of magpies, explaining the mood is unstable, cold and hot, trust each other.

People who do business dream of magpie, representing the financial limit of the house, not listening to the false rumors, and is safe.

The people of this year dream of showing magpies, meaning that they are prosperous, financial officers are beautiful, and they will be good.

Pregnant people dream of magpies, indicate that life men, in August, caution, caution, unrest.

The people who travel will dream of magpie, suggesting that autumn is less, delaying out.

Dreaming of magpie's original solution

Dream 鹊, fierce, everything is not good, suitableDown. \"Dream Forest Xuan\"

Dream is a nest, Daji. I have to pay this dream owner, and the family is abundant, Qincha and Joshao. \"Dream Forest Xi Xin\"

Dreamy frontpiece noise, Daji, is a happy dream. The son should try to get the news, the pedestrians are far from the good news, the marriage is harmonious, and the fetal pregnancy must produce Ning Xin. See us from recruitment, or etiquette to wish, all things. \"Dream Lin Xi Xin\"

The birds in the dream symbolizes fantasy, thoughts, and ideas, these content must be unfettered It can be exposed to it. As early as the Non-Christian era, people have interested birds and flights. Once, people think that the bird is the conveyor of the soul, it has the corresponding magic and power. The birds in the dream express the needs of people, ie the characteristics of objects and creatures other than yourself. Birds that are closed in the cage may intend to limit and wisdom. The birds who fly flying represent their thoughts and desires, and may also represent the spirit of rising to the height of the god. A special gorgeous bird feather symbolizes your appearance, indicating how you look at your own way and attitude. There is no direction of the bird group embodying the puzzle of physical or material observation with the spiritual requirements. Sometimes the bird can represent the existing women, the free side of freedom. The gold-winged birds and the fire have the same representative, magpie: In the European folklore, the magpie and the trendy are thieves, so these two birds have such a meaning in the dream: one is very close to you attempt to take you away. Very precious items. Magpies are also a strong curiosity conveyor.

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